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Starting uni in 2021 and beyond

The Queensland secondary education system is changing.

In 2020, the Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) will replace the Overall Position (OP) as the pathway to tertiary study for Queensland Year 12s, and some Year 12 subjects will also change.

The Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) will calculate ATARs for graduating students.

Check the QTAC website for details about the ATAR and to learn how it will be calculated

Each university will have their own policies for entry in relation to VET qualifications and subjects. Make sure you check with each institution.

I want to defer my offer

If you accept a QUT offer to study in 2020 and defer your offer to enter in 2021 you will not have to meet the new requirements. However, if you change your deferred course to a new course, you will need to apply via QTAC and will be subject to the 2021 entry rules.

ATAR and VET qualifications

How do I get into QUT from 2021?

If you’re finishing high school and you want to get into QUT, you must have an ATAR or a completed International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. If you don’t have these qualifications, there are other admissions pathways that you can use to get into QUT, like VET study and work experience.

You’ll still need to meet course thresholds, subject requirements and any additional entry requirements in the usual way.

What VET qualifications will be accepted?

The only VET qualifications that will be accepted for entry to QUT are AQF Certificate IV, Diploma or Advanced Diplomas.

We will not accept:

  • Certificates I, II, or III
  • incomplete Certificate IV (with the exception of Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation with completion of at least 3 specialisations)
  • non-AQF performing arts qualifications, such as AMEB, Trinity College.

We’ll assign a selection rank if you have completed a Certificate IV or higher and you meet one of the following criteria:

  • you also obtained an ATAR (or completed International Baccalaureate Diploma)
  • you undertook the VET qualification after you completed Year 12
  • you did not obtain an ATAR and completed Year 12 more than two years ago
  • you did not obtain an ATAR but you have undertaken further VET or higher education study since leaving school.

We can also assign you a selection rank based on paid employment experience that you’ve earned after leaving school.

We’ll will continue to provide a selection rank for the Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary preparation if you have completed at least three specialisations.

This is different to the calculation of your ATAR, which can include one VET qualification at AQF Certificate III or higher.

I completed a VET qualification while I was at school

If you have an ATAR or a completed IB Diploma, you can also use your completed Certificate IV, Diploma or Advanced Diploma qualification for entry.

You will be assigned a selection rank for your completed VET qualification, and you will be assessed for entry on your selection rank or ATAR, whichever is stronger.

If you didn’t achieve an ATAR or complete an IB Diploma, you must wait two years after completing Year 12 for us to consider your VET qualification for entry, unless you’ve undertaken other study or paid employment after finishing Year 12.

Read more about VET in schools

What are the selection ranks for completed VET qualifications?

We are currently reviewing the schedule of selection ranks allocated to Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma qualifications and will make the new schedule available in mid-2019. VET qualifications completed after school will have the same selection ranks as those completed in school.

What qualifications are not acceptable for entry?

We will not accept the following for entry, whether you are a current or recent Year 12 student, or you left school some time ago:

  • Certificates I, II, or III
  • an incomplete Certificate IV (with the exception of Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation with completion of at least 3 specialisations)
  • non-AQF performing arts qualifications, such as AMEB, Trinity College.

School subjects

Which new Queensland senior subjects will satisfy QUT prerequisites, assumed knowledge and Year 12 subject adjustments?

If you graduated before 2021, we’ll still count your equivalent subjects towards assumed knowledge and any prerequisites for your course.

Current (OP) subject 2021 (Qld ATAR) subject
English (4, SA) English, or Literature, or English and Literature, or English as an Additional Language (Units 3 & 4, C)
Maths A, B or C (4, SA) General Mathematics, or Mathematical Methods, or Specialist Mathematics (Units 3 & 4, C)
Maths B (4, SA) Mathematical Methods (Units 3 & 4, C)
Maths C (4, SA) Specialist Mathematics (Units 3 & 4, C)
Biology (4, SA) Biology (Units 3 & 4, C)
Chemistry (4, SA) Chemistry (Units 3 & 4, C)
Physics (4, SA) Physics (Units 3 & 4, C)
Any Science (4, SA) One of Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science, Marine Science, Physics, or Psychology (Units 3 & 4, C)
Any LOTE (4, SA) Any language other than English (LOTE) will qualify for a subject adjustment
Aerospace Studies (4, SA) Aerospace Systems (Units 3 & 4, C)
Engineering Technology (4, SA) Engineering (Units 3 & 4, C)

Adjustment schemes

The Educational Access Scheme, Elite Athlete Entry Program and Year 12 subject scheme will continue and provide selection rank adjustments to eligible students. Adjustments will change from 1 selection rank to 1.00 selection rank, 2 selection ranks to 2.00 selection ranks and so on.

Read more about adjustment schemes

How will the changes effect entry to the Foundation Program for Year 12 International students?

International students without an ATAR can use a Certificate III qualification (or higher VET qualification) to be considered for entry to international foundation programs.

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