Undergraduate course brochures

The PDFs available are from hard copy publications that were correct at the time of printing. For any course updates, check the online course information.

We also have information for international students available to download.

Brochures for international students

Welcome to the university for the real world

Download our complete guide to studying your undergraduate degree at QUT.

Download the complete undergraduate brochure

A guide to business undergraduate courses.

Business (PDF file, 5.9 MB)

A guide to creative industries undergraduate courses.

Creative Industries (PDF file, 5.5 MB)

A guide to education undergraduate courses.

Education (PDF file, 4.8 MB)

A guide to health undergraduate courses.

Health (PDF file, 4.3 MB)

A guide to law undergraduate courses.

Law (PDF file, 4.0 MB)

A guide to science and engineering undergraduate courses.

Science and Engineering (PDF file, 5.5 MB)

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More undergraduate publications

A quick guide to QUT

For students in Year 10 and younger.

Download a quick guide (PDF file, 1.8 MB)

Admission pathways

A guide to improving your selection rank or returning to study.

Download admission pathways guide (PDF file, 1.1 MB)

International Baccalaureate students

A guide to enrichment programs, scholarships and entry to QUT for IB students.

Download IB guide (PDF file, 129.2 KB)

QUT scholarships

A guide to the scholarships we offer to QUT students.

Download the scholarships guide (PDF file, 246.7 KB)

Parents and guardians

A guide to help you support your child as they make course and career decisions.

Download the parents guide (PDF file, 293.2 KB)


An introduction to our enrichment program for high school students.

Download START QUT guide (PDF file, 200.0 KB)

Studying languages

A guide to including language studies in your QUT course.

Download languages guide (PDF file, 307.5 KB)

Uni - see you there

A guide to help you get in, get sorted, and get through university.

Download Uni - see you there (PDF file, 167.4 KB)

Guaranteed course offers for 2021

A guide to guaranteed entry in 2021.

Download guaranteed course offers (PDF file, 357.4 KB)


An introduction to our enrichment program for high school students.

Download START QUT guide (PDF file, 200.0 KB)

Postgraduate brochures

Real direction: a guide to postgraduate study

Download our guide to postgraduate study QUT.

Download the complete postgraduate brochure