14 Jul 2021

Money matters: Get savvy with your salary

Now you are earning money, what should you do with it? Join our panel of experienced alumni with finance and accounting backgrounds as they share their knowledge and understanding on pay slips and how to read them, tax returns (HECS thresholds and the Medicare surcharge), superannuation and setting up your bank accounts for success.

7 Jul 2021

QUT Entrepreneurship T minus 6 Bootcamp

The 6 day innovation bootcamp that will SPARK your ideas, FUEL your creativity and IGNITE your business. 

25 Aug 2021

Workplace skills

Join our panel of experienced alumni with people management and coaching skills as they share their tips on giving and receiving feedback, performance reviews, and common challenges faced in the workplace by newer employees.

20 Oct 2021

Choose your own career adventure

Do you want to work your way up in an organisation, side-step to another opportunity, or pivot in your career? Join our panel of experienced alumni as they share their advice on accelerating in your chosen career path. They will discuss looking for opportunities, professional development, ongoing training and education.