Research internships help Brisbane nurses improve patient care

Five Brisbane nurses have combined frontline work with gaining new research skills at QUT, thanks to a new internship program run by QUT and Metro North Health.

New ARC Centre uses behavioural economics to spur adoption of beneficial technology

QUT researchers will lead the $6.5 million ARC Training Centre for Behavioural Insights for Technology Adoption (BITA) that aims to accelerate Australians’ adoption of innovation technologies in health, agriculture and cybersecurity.

QUT space scientist is 2021 Queensland Tall Poppy

Dr David Flannery has been announced as 2021 Queensland Tall Poppy for his work exploring life on Mars.

QUT researchers inducted into international nursing hall of fame

QUT cancer and palliative care researchers Professor Jane Phillips and Professor Ray Chan are among only 20 nurse researchers worldwide to be inducted into the Sigma International Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame this year.

QUT public forum: Milkshakes, Misogyny and Masculinity

Is there a better way to teach young people about consent than the now-notorious ‘milkshake’ video?

'Overnight' shift in world's medical research to ‘COVID’ reflected in medical journal titles

COVID was the most common acronym in the titles of medical and health journal articles published in 2020, even beating 'DNA which had held the top spot for decades, according to a QUT analysis which found more than 50,000 articles on COVID-19 in fewer than 12 months.