Lower-quality kidney transplant better outcome than dialysis

Transplantation of a “lower-quality” kidney to a person in end-stage renal failure is more cost-effective and has greater quality-of-life benefit than remaining on dialysis waiting for a better kidney, a health economics study has found.

Different pathways, shared goals for new nursing scholars

QUT students Kiara Sutton and Jenny Clough have experienced different journeys to get to university, but both share a common goal – they will use their 2021 Argent Indigenous Nursing Scholarship to further their education and take their nursing skills back to their communities.

First study of UV radiation from home nail polish drying machines

Eight home nail polish drying devices were tested by QUT public health sun-safety expert Dr Elke Hacker in response to queries from concerned users.

Free VR game at Science Festival promotes skin cancer prevention

A week in the life of a cancer cell could be the title of a new VR gamified experience at the World Science Festival from skin cancer prevention expert Dr Elke Hacker.

Pumice the key to solving seabird mass death mystery

Researchers have used the evidence of pumice from an underwater volcanic eruption to answer a long-standing mystery about a mass death of migrating seabirds.

Navigation app features pose a road safety threat: QUT CARRS-Q

Navigation apps may be a useful tool but features added to them that allow drivers to share information about speed camera locations and other forms of police enforcement are a road safety threat, according to researchers from QUT’s Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety–Queensland (CARRS-Q).