Equity means fairness and equality in everything we do, and social justice philosophy and practices are embedded into all aspects of the university's activities.

Widening participation

We are dedicated to increasing participation in post-school pathways and tertiary study amongst school leavers and second chance learners who may not have had the opportunity, support or resources to realise their potential. We have long-standing outreach, admissions and support programs for under-represented groups, with a particular emphasis on students from low socio-economic, rural, Indigenous and Pasifika backgrounds.

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Gender equity

We embed gender equity philosophy and practices into all aspects of the university's activities.

We recognise that gender is one dimension of diversity and are committed to achieving fair and equitable outcomes for staff and students in all aspects of work and study, regardless of gender identity or presentation.

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Disability, injury and health condition support

For students

Disability Services supports students with a disability, injury or health condition.

Appointments are free and confidential. Information will not appear on your student record, or be made available to others without your prior consent, except where required by law e.g. to preserve health or safety.

Disability support


Our disability policies outline the ways we provide equal access to learning and research for people with a disability.

We provide a range of support services and continue to improve our policies and practices to enhance equitable access for people with a disability.

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Read our Disability Inclusion Action Plan (PDF file, 306.9 KB)

News and events


25 May 2022

High schoolers visit Gardens Point for real-world QUT experiences

QUT has welcomed more than 500 high school students to its Gardens Point campus in the past week, for a series of campus tours and a major business competition for teenagers.

Governance and policy

Equity Services has developed policy as part of the QUT Blueprint and local strategic and operational plans, to ensure all students and staff have fair and equitable opportunities to succeed in their study and employment.

Our policies are based on Commonwealth Legislation overseen by the Australian Human Rights Commission or Queensland legislation, overseen by the Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland.


Equity Services produces annual reports to evaluate diversity within our university, and to inform our programs and strategies.


Other related policies published throughout the university include:

  • codes of conduct for staff and students
  • HR-related policies and employment policies for staff
  • disability action plan
  • Indigenous education strategy
  • Indigenous employment strategy.

Respect and safety

As part of a nation-wide effort, QUT is actively engaged in preventing incidents; increasing reporting rates; and supporting students who make a disclosure or complaint.

Our six-part action plan is being implemented across the university through a range of training, education, awareness campaigns and improvements to policies and procedures.

To report disclosures, reports or complaints about discrimination, sexual harassment or assault you can contact our Harassment and Discrimination Advisers by emailing discriminationadviser@qut.edu.au or visit QUT's Report a concern page.

Student support

We welcome and support students from low-income backgrounds.

We aim to reduce financial hardship as a barrier to achievement, which allows our students to realise their full potential and succeed.

Cultural diversity

We have a strong commitment to develop a culturally diverse staff and student population, and eliminate racism on campus.

We recognise the importance of valuing diversity to create a vibrant, flexible and creative university culture, which encourages innovative approaches and enriches our work and study environment for everyone.

Religion on campus

We embrace cultural diversity in all its forms including the freedom to worship and observe individual spiritual and religious customs and rituals. Any kind of harassment or discrimination on religious grounds contravenes both state and federal anti-discrimination laws.

We have chaplaincy centres and services for people of all faiths for quiet prayer, worship services and prayer meetings. There are chapels and Muslim prayer rooms at our Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove campuses.

Religious services and facilities for students


We are committed to providing an environment which values each member of its diverse community, and protects staff and students from bullying, harassment and unlawful discrimination.

This includes staff and students who identify as lesbian; gay; bisexual; transgender; intersex; queer or questioning; asexual, agender or aromantic; and those with other diverse genders and sexualities (LGBTIQA+).

Pride at QUT

Development and training

An important part of QUT's strategy for meeting our staff and student equity goals is the provision of training and development programs around LGBTQIA+ and disability awareness, Reconciliation, and cultural diversity.

Parents and carers

We have an ongoing commitment to address work and family issues. We help staff and students achieve a greater balance between their work, study and personal lives.

Children on campus

Our children on campus policy supports staff and students who may need to occasionally bring children on campus.

Each campus has:

Carer support for academic staff

QUT recognises that academic staff members attend university-approved meetings or events as part of their duties, which may require them to be away from their home base.

Salary packaging information for eligible employees

The Carer Costs Support Scheme for academic staff is intended to provide these staff with financial assistance towards the additional costs of alternative care, so that staff (male and female) who have carer responsibilities are not deterred from, or penalised for, engaging with necessary academic duties and professional development.

Is your child thinking about university?

If your child is thinking about going to university, our guide for parents, carers and guardians will help you support them as they make decisions about courses and careers and settle into university life.

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If you have any questions or need more information, please contact QUT Equity.