30th October 2020

Construction workers big winners in election spending promises: QUT research

The Greens have promised the moon and the costings of the major parties don’t add up, but construction projects stand to benefit the most according to research conducted into Queensland election campaign promises by the QUT Business School.

30th October 2020

Underlying design mechanism and morphology of humanized bone probed

A team of biomedical engineers from Australia and Germany studied how human and mouse cells communicate with each other and found that this humanized tissue is physiologically integrated into single functional bone tissue which retains species-specific ultrastructural differences.

29th October 2020

Action-led alerts effective at pointy end of natural disasters: fire, floods

Is an “evacuate now” text message more likely to initiate action by the receiver than “you will be impacted by a flood” in a natural disaster emergency such as bushfire and flood?

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