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Media alert: the future of entertainment on show at QUT CreateX party

26-08-2016 WHAT: Film/photograph the latest in augmented/virtual reality, see a ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon-style’ 3D film set in Brisbane’s mangroves, join a workshop to make ‘dead puppets’ or ‘vegan leather’ jewellery, turn a smart phone into a hologram, watch fashion parades, dancers and robots at play and hear about Brisbane’s post-punk music scene from someone who was there. It’s all happening at the public opening of the $88 million expansion of QUT’s Creative Industries Precinct (Kelvin Grove) on Sunday 28 August.

Brace yourself - VR is about to get real

26-08-2016 Once a realm solely for computer-generated imagery, 360-degree virtual reality (VR) technology is about to get uncomfortably real, taking audience participation beyond anything ever experienced.

Mad tech mash makes a mind-blowing augmented reality adventure

25-08-2016 Pokémon Go is already a goner – make way for room-sized augmented reality.

Visual arts new lease of life at QUT’s expanded Creative Industries precinct

25-08-2016 A work by internationally acclaimed multi-media artist and performer Michelle Xen will highlight the stunning new visual arts spaces in the $88 million expansion of QUT’s Creative Industries Precinct at Kelvin Grove which open to the public with the CreateX festival on Sunday 28 August.

An imbalance in nutrients threatens plant biodiversity: Global experiment

25-08-2016 An unnatural balance of nutrients threatens biodiversity in a survival of the fittest scenario, according to the results of a world-first global experiment published in the prestigious Nature journal.

Call to ban doctors from conscientious objection: QUT lecture

25-08-2016 Doctors working in the public system should not be able to object to performing procedures such as abortions or prescribing contraception on the basis of their own values or religious beliefs, says bioethicist Professor Julian Savulescu, who is speaking on the topic of conscientious objection in medicine at QUT’s Australian Centre for Health Law Research (ACHLR) on August 30.

‘Communitainment’ is what young people want – QUT expert

25-08-2016 A new global screen ecology led by YouTube stars once considered rank amateurs is dictating the future of entertainment and policy makers should take note according to QUT Distinguished Professor Stuart Cunningham.

New funds to recharge battery research

25-08-2016 A new battery that can be charged in minutes and run for a lot longer is being developed by QUT Professor Nunzio Motta in collaboration with Professor Yeugang Zhang in a project funded by $250,000 grant from the Queensland-Chinese Academy of Sciences Collaborative Research Fund.

Post-punk guitarist spins tales of Brisbane’s 70s music scene at CreateX

23-08-2016 John Willsteed, former member of seminal Brisbane band The Go-Betweens, will share colourful stories of the local music scene in the 1970s in a special performance at the CreateX festival to celebrate the $88 million expansion of QUT’s Creative Industries Precinct on Sunday 28 August.

QUT major creative industries expansion opens

23-08-2016 QUT is firmly cementing its position as a premier creative industries teaching and learning university, with a hat-trick of announcements and events this week.


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