17th February 2020

Research focussed on improving disadvantaged children’s nutrition

Almost one million Australian children live in households which struggle to put food on the table every day, the focus of a research project on the lived experience of food insecurity, by QUT’s Professor Danielle Gallegos, the new director of the Woolworths Centre for Children’s Nutrition Research.

14th February 2020

Mimicking nature for sustainable energy solutions

A QUT researcher is mimicking the sub-microscopic structures and optical properties of natural objects, such as seashells, fish scales and fly eyes, to develop sustainable energy solutions and ways to benefit the environment.

13th February 2020

Tech temptation: Driver safety apps help break phone habit

In-built safety apps that already exist on mobile phones – but most drivers don’t know about or use – could be a key to safer driving and avoiding ‘tech temptation’ and new $1000 fines, according to QUT research.

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