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Queensland’s 2017 Rhodes Scholar is Ellen Cliff

25-10-2016 Ms Cliff graduated from The Australian National University this year with a Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) in Chemistry and Marine Science.

QUT News & Events Wrap - October 25 edition

25-10-2016 Welcome to QUT's weekly round-up of news and events. For more updates as they happen, join 14,740 followers of @QUTmedia on Twitter. To subscribe to this wrap, please email

Rise of the screens: YouTube most popular digital content in Australian classrooms

25-10-2016 A QUT report suggests Australian schools should be more flexible with the use of YouTube and other social media platforms to embrace new trends in ‘edutainment’, allowing teachers to maximize the value of ‘teachable’ and ‘in the moment’ content.

Home handy but not so stable: steep rise in ladder-related falls

24-10-2016 Researchers at QUT have warned about the rising popularity of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) culture after a steep rise in the number of people falling from ladders.

Nutritionists must take a bigger piece of the pie when it comes to influencing food policy

24-10-2016 Nutrition professionals need to step up to the plate and gain a larger portion of influence on food policy in Australia to dilute the heavy concentration of ‘food industry’ representatives with direct links to food policy decision makers.

Crown-of-thorns starfish – nailed it!

21-10-2016 It’s the moment the Great Barrier Reef’s been waiting for – confirmation QUT’s autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) can help stop the reef’s most prolific pest, the devastating crown-of-thorns starfish (COTS).

QUT professor honoured with prestigious award

21-10-2016 A QUT professor has been awarded the prestigious West Lake Friendship award.

QUT startup space unveiled by Queensland Chief Entrepreneur

21-10-2016 A startup incubation space to nurture the next generation of business leaders at QUT has been officially opened by Queensland’s first Chief Entrepreneur.

Groundbreaking QUT review on counteracting mobile phone distraction while driving

21-10-2016 With mobile phone use by drivers now a reality, a groundbreaking QUT review looking at the issue as a task-sharing problem has recommended further research into how to make the practice safer.

Agbot the robotic weed slayer

21-10-2016 Agricultural robot Agbot II, designed and built by QUT with support from the Queensland Government, could save Australia’s farm sector $1.3 billion a year by reducing the costs of weeding crops by around 90 per cent.


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