23rd October 2020

COVID-19 factor could favour Labor

A QUT political analyst says COVID-19 could play a significant role in how Queensland voters swing on 31 October, especially among some older voters.

21st October 2020

Seeing no longer believing: the manipulation of online images

A peace sign from Martin Luther King, Jr, becomes a rude gesture; President Donald Trump’s inauguration crowd scenes inflated; dolphins in Venice’s Grand Canal; and crocodiles on the streets of flooded Townsville – all manipulated images posted as truth.

19th October 2020

2020 vision: Optometry a clear choice for Lauren

It’s a bit of a challenge when you’ve got your heart set on a career in health, but realise you faint at the sight of blood or needles.  But, luckily, a regular eye check-up during Year 10 proved to be a light bulb moment for QUT graduate Lauren Hutchinson.

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