We know that waiting to receive a course offer can be frustrating. With our offer guarantee, you can know for sure that you'll be accepted into your course before you receive your offer.

The offer guarantee applies whether you are in Year 12, have taken a gap year, or are applying to QUT a few years after finishing school.

Your ATAR or selection rank

If you receive an ATAR or selection rank equal to or higher than the offer guarantee, you are guaranteed a place in the course regardless of the final threshold determined each January.

Once you receive your ATAR or know your selection rank you can check your eligibility for a QUT course before offers are made.

What you need to do

The offer guarantee ATAR/selection rank is inclusive of adjustments (such as educational disadvantage, elite athlete or Year 12 subject adjustments).

To receive an offer as part of the offer guarantee you must meet all other course requirements and include the course in your QTAC preferences.

Even if you don’t think you’ll achieve the guaranteed ATAR or selection rank, you can still apply for the course. The final threshold for the course is determined in January and could be lower than the guarantee, so you may receive an offer.

Upgrading pathways are available if your ATAR or selection rank isn’t high enough to enter your chosen course.