Amplifying entrepreneurship

QUT Entrepreneurship inspires and amplifies opportunities for students, staff and alumni to realise their entrepreneurial capabilities. Through short learning programs and by connecting people across the entrepreneurial community, our award-winning programs empower the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Led by Professor Rowena Barrett, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Entrepreneurship), the dedicated QUT Entrepreneurship team is here to help unlock potential and grow talent. As a university-wide initiative with global collaborations, we build on QUT's heritage as an entrepreneurial powerhouse to help our students, staff and alumni turn ideas into reality.

We understand what future entrepreneurs need to develop, grow and scale their ideas. We’re invested in the next generation of entrepreneurs who will make an impact in Queensland, Australia and internationally.


21 - 23 July

Amplify Plus

Partnering with Telstra this 2.5 day program is about creating, learning, collaboration and experimentation.

Where: foundry (Level 2 B Block), Gardens Point Campus


We deliver a regular schedule of extra-curricular programs designed to address different elements of the entrepreneurial lifecycle. From mindset and inspiration to launch, we invite students, staff and alumni to get involved. Email us at to find out how you can get involved.

MIT Fuse

MIT Fuse is a program for students and small teams looking to work, think, and talk like an entrepreneur and start the path towards becoming a company. This program is delivered at the MIT Martin Trust Center for Entrepreneurship, Boston, USA.

Growth Lab

Growth Lab is a pre-accelerator program providing the knowledge and connections to take your idea to the next level. It’s open to QUT students, staff and alumni who have attended one or more QUT Entrepreneurship programs, and have a minimum viable product in the market (or planned to be in market in the next 3 months).

Career Advantage

Bringing the key fundamentals of an entrepreneurial mindset to students from all disciplines to help achieve career success. Drawing down on elements of self-leadership, problem framing, ideation and creativity skills, the program enables you to develop your entrepreneurial self-efficacy.

Startup Matchup

QUT Foundry brings together enthusiastic students to connect with each other, opportunities and grow a community of QUT startup and student opportunities.

Side Hustle

The process of identifying a ‘problem worth solving,’ validating the idea, building the business model and sourcing customers can be a daunting process. This program is for anyone who has an idea for a side project but is not sure where to start.

Innovation Catalysts

Innovation Catalysts collaborate with exciting companies to develop essential skills around innovation and how to be intrapreneurial - innovating and promoting new products, services and ways of working while working inside an organisation.


Partnering with Telstra this 2.5 day program is about creating, learning, collaboration and experimentation. AMPLIFY+ steps you through the process of problem identification, ideation, validation, customer discovery, business model generation, and telling the story at the end.


Participating individually or as a team, QUT researchers and higher degree research students will be invited to articulate a problem they are solving, identify their customers, develop an investor-ready message that they can communicate, and give back to the wider QUT community.


Founders sometimes struggle with momentum if they don't have structure and accountability. This mentoring program allows participants to meet with one of our seven Entrepreneur/Mentors in Residence to keep entrepreneurs moving forward so the venture grows and scales.

Collaborate and connect

Entrepreneurial communities thrive on collaboration. We love to engage and connect people at regular events. Students can collaborate, network and share ideas in a more relaxed forum, and grow to be a part of our on-campus community.

Open pitch night

Held in person at the foundry, Gardens Point Campus, Level 2, B Block for an hour on the first Wednesday of the month. If you're a student, this is a great opportunity to practice your pitch, whether it's for an idea, project or venture.

Inside innovation

Once a month join us for a coffee at some of the city's most innovative hubs. You’re invited to tour the site of the month, then share a coffee while we build our entrepreneurial community.


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QUT foundry co-working spaces

The QUT foundry spaces are staffed every weekday to help our entrepreneurs find the resources, connections, coaches, entrepreneurs-in-residence, or mentors needed at whatever stage they're at on their entrepreneurial journey.

Take a virtual tour of the foundry

Scholarships for emerging entrepreneurs

    Many QUT students study and develop an entrepreneurial venture at the same time. We foster this creativity and innovation through the Budding Entrepreneur Bursary and the Budding Entrepreneur Scholarship.

    Scholars have a dedicated mentor, and the opportunity to pursue their passion through access to unique support and learning experiences.

    In 2022 we provided eight 3-year scholarships, totalling $24,000 each, to undergraduate students coming into any degree. These scholarships have been made possible with financial backing provided by:

  • Marie Mortimer, CEO and founder
  • Matt Fairhurst, CEO and co-founder Skedulo
  • John Stainton, founder John Stainton Productions
  • Dr John Puttick
  • QUT.

Find out how you can support these scholarships to help us achieve even more.

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