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Why partner with us?

What we deliver

Through our expertise and experience, we'll bring you:

  • an ability to jointly develop a research question that’s important to you
  • research expertise and experience working with a broad range of partners
  • world-class research infrastructure and facilities
  • access to domestic and international networks
  • access to co-investment opportunities from state and federal government sources
  • demonstrated project management expertise and professional corporate support.

Flexible partnerships

A relationship requires trust and confidence, and so we’re committed to establishing a partnership model that works for you.

Some of the models include:

  • research consultancy
  • collaborative research
  • commercial research
  • clinical trials
  • continuing professional education
  • co-funded industry scholarships and fellowships
  • internships.

Our experts

Our experienced research staff make active contributions to their fields and collaborate with leading experts from industry, community and government. Find a research expert with the skills to help solve your problems.

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Research partnerships

Our research has helped dozens of organisations, industries and government bodies achieve their goals.

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