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Your research space

As a full-time research student, you’ll have access to everything you need to create a productive and successful research environment. This includes:

  • an office space with access to a desk, computer, photocopying facilities and relaxation spaces
  • any tools and software you need to conduct your research
  • laboratory or studio space, including equipment and facilities
  • access to all facilities and services on campus.

You'll also have access to specialised resources and support through the faculty or school you're researching with.

Advanced technology

We’re developing advanced technologies that allow transdisciplinary teams to collaborate across global boundaries.

You’ll access advanced information technology to create and analyse research data, developing your research design and supporting academic publishing.

All this will be supported by our high performance computing and advanced technologies, exceptional library infrastructure, and information technology services.

Take advantage of our leadership in research technology, including: ePrints, our large academic publications database; high performance computing and visualisation facilities; and international exposure for your research through our digital repository.

Library services

We offer liaison librarian consultation services and research skills training to help you develop the information management and research skills you need to succeed in your study. These services and training will help you with:

  • information research skills
  • specialist information resources
  • research data management
  • copyright information
  • getting published, author profiles and publication metrics.

Transformative research training

We offer a transformative new approach to the research training environment by giving you a personalised learning journey throughout your research journey. You’ll be able to choose experiences and opportunities that will strengthen your innovative, industry-relevant, transdisciplinary and professional practices.

You’ll have access to:

  • online resources for course information and peer-to-peer discussions
  • face-to-face workshops to support candidature requirements and research skills
  • online modules to develop skills in entrepreneurship, commercialisation, leadership, project management and career development via the e-Grad School
  • learning environments to develop skills in transdisciplinary practices
  • mentoring programs with industry experts and alumni
  • practical placements in industry and end-user environments
  • coursework and training resources to help you build skills in research practices, academic writing, IT literacy and research methodologies
  • our library and training resources for early career alumni.

International experiences

We’ll encourage and support you to pursue international experience and opportunities, including:

  • attending conferences
  • taking field trips to conduct research
  • working with visiting international experts.

You may also need to travel to:

  • access special equipment
  • consult certain archives relevant to your research
  • do field research.

Research at QUT on exchange

We welcome research students from all over the world to complete part of their studies with us. Research with us on exchange.

Career preparation

We offer optional skills and professional development opportunities that take into account your pre-existing professional experiences and skills, and prepare you for diverse career paths and goals. As a QUT research student you'll:

  • demonstrate your ability to independently develop a body of work through your thesis and published papers
  • develop a broad range of skills to prepare you for careers in industry, government, academia, or the community
  • have access to our ePortfolio software, which profiles your work to prospective employers
  • be provided with a statement of your completed optional training.

Support and services

Find out more about the student support we offer.

Find out more about our services and facilities.