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Business and information technology graduate

San Francisco

Sam Senior

Sam graduated from a small regional state high school and followed his passion for software development to QUT. His double degree and various international exchanges prepared him for life as global management consultant.

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Education graduate


Penny Hosking-Potts

When Penny switched degrees, she discovered that education was her true passion. With our help she was able to get professional experience at the Australian International School in Singapore in her final year. Today she’s working there full-time.

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Business graduate

New York

Renee Robbie

During Renee's time at QUT, she thrived on gaining as much real‑world experience as possible in Australia and abroad. This ultimately helped her secure a job working as a consultant with some of the world's biggest brands.

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Paramedic science graduate


Daniel Pincus

After graduating from QUT, Dan headed to Townsville where he worked as a paramedic. The bright lights of London soon lured him overseas, and with qualifications recognised pretty much anywhere in the world, he quickly landed a job.

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Creative industries and business graduate

Hong Kong

Dean Vowles

During his studies, Dean enjoyed an internship, interstate work experience and a six-month study exchange in London. After graduating, he flew to Hong Kong where he landed a strategic role with a global advertising agency.

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IT/Education graduate

San Francisco

Tammy Butow

Tammy was attracted to our tech study courses, with her aim of becoming a pioneer in this exciting space. Following her graduation, the 2018 QUT Outstanding Alumni Award Winner secured a job in San Francisco in chaos engineering.

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