We partner with industry and the community to provide our students with opportunities to learn in and through work, internships, professional placements and industry projects.

We value real-world learning, which integrates theory, knowledge and skills of a discipline with professional and contemporary practice.

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) at QUT

Student learning in partnership with industry and community partners is known as Work Integrated Learning (WIL).

We provide WIL as one aspect of our commitment to real-world learning. WIL connects students with industry and their community through their course of study.

WIL can be:

  • internships
  • practicum
  • work placements
  • industry-based projects
  • community-based projects
  • work-shadowing.

Students bring a fresh perspective, new skills and innovative approaches to your workplace, while giving you the chance to promote your organisation and profile future graduates.

We support industry and community partners working with students at all levels of study, from undergraduate to postgraduate, as well as opportunities to partner with our highly talented research students.

Benefits of Work Integrated Learning

For industry and community

By getting involved in our WIL programs, you’ll:

  • support and attracting new talent
  • explore new ideas and projects
  • build and extend relationships with our academics and students
  • contribute to the quality of professional practice
  • improve the learning outcomes of students, ensuring graduates are ready for the future of your industry or business
  • benefit from the value research graduates can offer to industry

For students

When our students work with you, they’ll:

  • get an improved educational experience
  • develop greater connections with the world of work
  • understand themselves in relation to their career development, their academic studies and transition to employment
  • build their workforce preparation and adaptability

Are WIL activities paid?

WIL activities can be paid or unpaid and may be negotiated between students and the partner organisation in accordance with the Fair Work Act.

We encourage WIL partner organisations to pay participating students an award wage. However, given the opportunities for personal and professional development, students can be placed in unpaid WIL experiences where such experience forms part of their course of study.

Contact the relevant faculty for further guidance.

What is a WIL agreement?

WIL agreements are used for all WIL activities involving partner organisations. QUT, the partner organisation and, where appropriate, the student will sign a WIL agreement. This ensures that all roles, responsibilities and learning outcomes are agreed upon and documented.

Often at the start of a WIL opportunity, students will also identify specific learning experiences in consultation with an industry or community partner. These agreed experiences may also be documented.

Do students have insurance during WIL?

Yes, enrolled students participating in WIL activities are either insured by QUT or the partner organisation.

If students are undertaking a paid WIL activity, the partner organisation will provide WorkCover or comparable insurance. If the activity is unpaid, we have insurance policies that cover WIL.

If you require an insurance Certificate of Currency please contact the WIL staff within the relevant faculty.

How are students prepared for the workplace?

Students are offered a variety of support in preparing for WIL activities. These initiatives include:

  • integrative learning through curriculum design
  • briefing and preparation activities as part of supporting units of study
  • career education and support offered through the QUT Student Success Group
  • resume and job application reviewing service.

Students are generally briefed on:

  • the purpose and aims of the WIL activity
  • roles, tasks and expectations for meeting stated learning outcomes
  • workplace rights and responsibilities
  • assessment requirements.

Where a student undertakes a WIL opportunity within a workplace it is important that the industry or community partner also provides induction to the workplace, including supporting students to work in a healthy and safe work environment.

Work with our research students

We also offer exciting opportunities for industry to engage the skills and knowledge of our graduate research students. Our PhD and Master of Philosophy students can bring highly specialised expertise to address the challenges of your industry.

Engage with our graduate researchers