Benefits of a scholarship

A scholarship can give you financial support, work experience, or networking benefits.

You could receive money to help with your living costs and uni supplies, opportunities to work on great projects, practical work experience, or an introduction to industry professionals.

Prepare a great application

We want you to succeed when you apply, so we’ve put together some handy tips to help your application stand out.

Use professional language

Write your application as if you’re applying for a job.

Avoid slang and abbreviations, and write clearly and concisely when addressing the questions and criteria.

Do your research

Show that you understand that background of the scholarship you're applying for, and how it aligns with your study ambitions.

This will let us know that you're truly interested and that you’re a good match for the scholarship.

Proofread your application

Double check your application for spelling and grammar, and make sure you have all the correct supporting documents.

It’s always good to have someone look over your application before you submit it.

Apply for more than one

We offer lots of scholarships and there’s a good chance you’ll meet the criteria for more than one.

Applying for more than one scholarship can increase your chances of being successful.

Research scholarships

Supporting innovation

Our research scholarships support our students as they develop solutions to the world's grand challenges.

How research scholarships work

Find your research scholarship

Get the support you need to launch your research journey. Explore our range of available research scholarships.

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