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Pride at QUT

We’re proud to support our students and staff who identify as lesbian; gay; bisexual; transgender; intersex; queer or questioning; asexual, agender or aromantic; and those with other diverse genders and sexualities (LGBTIQA+).

Explore the range of services, facilities and groups available to both QUT students and staff.

Pride Month 2019

September is Pride Month, and QUT is celebrating with a program of events throughout the month.

Attend a forum, look out for content at The Cube, Sphere and on the HiQ digital walls, and show your pride throughout the month of September.

Ally network

QUT's Ally network provides support, safe zones, services, events, information and resources to LGBTIQA+ students on our campuses.

Allies are trained to understand sexuality and gender issues, and are committed to promoting a safe, inclusive and diverse university.

Allies are not identified as any particular sexuality or gender identity.

Find an Ally

Campus spaces

Women's Room

C108, Kelvin Grove campus

Queer Room

X301, Gardens Point campus

Queer Room

C109, Kelvin Grove campus

Queer Collective

The Queer Collective is QUT’s support network for LGBTIQA+ students.

The group raises awareness and offers support for queer students, who are often marginalised in universities.

QUT Student Guild

The QUT Guild has a strong history of representing diversity on campus and contributing to a safe, fair and equitable experience for all students.

The guild provides services for gender and sexuality issues, increases awareness of sex education amongst the student body, and provides students with a space to discuss gender-equality issues.

You can contact the gender and sexuality representative at

QUT Pride Staff Network

The QUT Pride Staff Network (QPSN) connects staff with diverse genders, sexualities and identities.

The network offers a forum for staff to celebrate diversity, network, collaborate, share experiences and to represent their communities in university business and policy making.

Membership is open to staff who identify as LGBTIQA+ or other diverse genders, sexualities and identities.

Connect with the QUT Pride Staff Network

QUT Action Plan

All students and staff should experience a sense of belonging which arises from an inclusive learning and working environment which respects diversity.

Our LGBTIQA+ Action Plan outlines current and proposed support for students and staff, as well as awareness-raising activities to create an inclusive campus culture.

More information for students and staff

Student counselling

We offer all our students free, confidential counselling services in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

Access student counselling