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What is open online learning?

Open online learning gives you access to free online courses that are open to everyone. You'll be taught by our leading academics and become part of a worldwide community of learners.

Why should I try an open online course?

  • It's free, online and you can study anytime, from anywhere.
  • Brush-up on your skills or try something new.
  • Learn from outstanding educators who are experts in their fields.
  • Study alongside people from all over the world.

Our partnership with FutureLearn

We're pleased to offer our collection of free open online courses through FutureLearn. They're one of the world's largest sites for MOOCs, and they offer a diverse selection of courses.

We've partnered with FutureLearn to give you an enjoyable social learning experience. You'll learn alongside students from around the world on a platform that lets you discuss course content, make fresh discoveries and develop new ideas.

By partnering with FutureLearn, we can provide lifelong learning opportunities to everyone, anywhere in the world.


Business, management and marketing

Fundamentals of BPM: Process implementation and monitoring

16 January 2017

Learn the fundamental principles, techniques and tools for actively managing business processes. This course focuses on the final two steps in the BPM lifecycle, automation and monitoring.

Business process management: an introduction to process thinking

6 March 2017

Understand the importance of value-driven process thinking in today's dynamic business environment.

Social media analytics

6 March 2017

How can you tap into social media conversations, and discover what’s being said about the things that matter to you?

Science, mathematics and technology

Making robots move

16 January 2017

Robots are our future and we need people who understand how to get them moving. As part of our Introducing Robotics program, this course dives into the principle of kinematics, allowing you to understand robot motion and join control.

Build a robot arm

20 February 2017

Take your learning to the next level and and actually design, build and program a simple robot arm. This is real-world learning opening up real-world opportunities.

Predictive analytics

20 February 2017

Collecting big data is just the first step. Once you have it, how do you make sense of it? This course will show you how predictive analytics tools can help you gain information, knowledge and insights from big data.

Teaching and studying

Kickstart your career

6 February 2017

Building a satisfying career is a lifelong process. Explore what you really want for your future and what opportunities are available to you.


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