If you don't think your ATAR or selection rank is high enough to get into the course you want, you may be able to improve your chances by upgrading through :

  • a degree course
  • a QUT College diploma
  • a TAFE Queensland and QUT combined qualification (dual award)
  • other diploma programs
  • bridging programs.

When you're preparing your QTAC application, you should consider including courses that will lead you to your dream course in your 6 QTAC preferences.

Upgrade through a degree course or diploma

Upgrading through another degree course or diploma will help you to get the highest possible selection rank.

You can upgrade through any:

  • bachelor degree course
  • QUT College Diploma
  • TAFE Queensland diploma
  • TAFE Queensland advanced diploma.

We recommend that you study something related to your preferred course. Depending on what you study, you might be eligible for advanced standing (credit), which means you could complete your course more quickly.

To help you choose the right type of study to get into your dream course, you can check the selection rank achievable through other types of study. Make sure you check your course information to know what selection rank you need to get.

Keep in mind that selection rank thresholds are only a guide, as they can change from year to year, depending on the popularity of the course and the results of the students we accept.

Type of study Number of subjects (credit points) Range of selection rank you can achieve
One year full-time in a bachelor degree course 8 subjects (96 credit points) or equivalent with GPA 4.00 to 7.00 93.00 - 99.95
Three quarters of one year in a bachelor degree course 6 or 7 subjects (72 credit points) or equivalent with GPA 4.00 to 7.00 84.00 - 94.95
Part-time bachelor degree study 4 or 5 subjects (48-60 credit points) with GPA 4.00 to 7.00 77.00 - 88.95
Part-time bachelor degree study2 or 3 subjects (24-36 credit points) with GPA 4.00 to 7.0075.00 - 88.95
Completed advanced diploma Complete 93.00 - 98..95
Completed diploma or undergraduate certificate Complete 87.00 - 91.95

Find out more about:

  • Upgrading with degree and other higher education study including university diplomas
  • Using VET qualifications from a TAFE or private provider to upgrade to QUT.

Complete a QUT College diploma

By choosing a QUT College diploma you’ll have a guaranteed pathway directly into the second year of the relevant QUT bachelor degree.

Complete a TAFE and QUT combined diploma/degree dual award

You can apply for a dual award which offers a streamlined pathway to QUT, First you’ll complete a diploma, advanced diploma, or associate degree from TAFE Queensland – Greater Brisbane, and then gain direct entry to a bachelor degree from QUT.

Find out more about dual awards and entry to QUT through VET study

More ways to get in

Adjustment schemes

You may be eligible for an adjustment to your selection rank, which can help you get into the course you want. We offer adjustment schemes for students with difficult circumstances and elite athletes.

Explore adjustment schemes

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

Our Centralised Assessment Selection Program (CASP) makes it easier for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island students to come to uni, whatever your educational background.

About CASP

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