Double degrees

Future-proof your career

The world of work is changing. Robotics and AI are on the rise, and we're constantly exploring new technologies. You’ll have multiple jobs and careers in your lifetime - some that have yet to be realised.

A double degree can help you develop a portfolio of skills and capabilities so you will be flexible, prepared for change and able to maximise your career opportunities.

Why choose a double degree?

Make your own path

Create your own specialist career niche by combining two complementary study areas that interest you.

More opportunities

Double your opportunities with two degrees and the option to work in a range of careers offered by each of your study areas.

Get the edge

Have a competitive advantage with employers who value your broader understanding across more than one field.

Study faster

Save money and time by completing a double degree instead of two separate degrees.

Change your world

Tammy Butow is a chaos engineer who is also using her computer science and education degrees to reshape her world. As a founding member of the Girl Geek Academy, a global movement encouraging women in technology, Tammy is an in-demand and inspiring speaker.

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Find your niche

'I’ve always been interested in the medical field. I chose a double degree in biomedical science and business because I could see a gap in the market for professionals who understand biotechnology products and know how to bring the products to market.'

Ganesh Velan, double degree in biomedical science and business