School visits

Our Student Recruitment team visits Brisbane and surrounding area high schools to present information about:

  • QUT and its courses
  • admission pathways and support services
  • the Educational Access Scheme for low-income students
  • academic, equity and sporting scholarships
  • student life.

Our team can also:

  • organise for a QUT representative to take part in your school's careers day or expo
  • provide information about other interest areas, such as the Oodgeroo Unit for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
  • put you in touch with QUT International staff to speak with your international students
  • connect you with faculty contacts if you are interested in discipline-specific activities.


We recommend you submit your visit request as early as possible, as we have limited capacity to accommodate all requested visits, particularly for visits to locations more than one hour away from our Kelvin Grove campus. During July, we give preference to Year 12 activities leading up to QUT Open Day.

Book a school visit

After we receive your request, we'll be in touch to confirm the visit or discuss alternatives for your booking.

School expos and scholarship events

We work closely with other Queensland tertiary education providers to make sure that all institutions can participate in as many school activities as possible. To help us maintain the volume of visits that we currently provide, we encourage you to limit the program for your future careers expo to a maximum of 3.5 hours.

If you're hosting a scholarship information event with a student panel, you can contact us if you'd like us to assist with confirming past students who are current QUT scholarship recipients.


We have a number of presentations to suit different year levels and we can also tailor our presentation if there's a specific topic that you'd like included.

We are unable to provide presentations for non-compulsory break-time sessions.

Welcome to QUT

This presentation provides information about courses, support services, scholarships, admission and the Educational Access Scheme (with a particular focus on the financial hardship category).

This is followed by a student life presentation from one of our student ambassadors.

Year 11 or 12 students
Minimum 45 minutes.

Rural and regional schools: Skype presentations

If you're in a rural or regional location (more than one hour from our Kelvin Grove campus), we can arrange for our staff to link up with your students via Skype. In addition to our Welcome to QUT presentation, we can discuss accommodation options and support services for students relocating to Brisbane.

Year 10-12 students
Minimum 45 minutes.

A quick guide to QUT

Course and career planning: is university for me?

This presentation encourages students to start their career planning and can assist with future subject selection. It also follows the journey of a QUT student from high school to their current course.

Year 10 students
Minimum 45 minutes.

QUT Scholarships

This presentation provides an in-depth guide to academic, sporting, cultural, equity-based and faculty-specific scholarships available for commencing undergraduate students at QUT.

Generally, it is best to do these presentations in September and October ahead of the November scholarship closing dates.

Year 12 students
Minimum 30 minutes.

Behaviour of your students during school visits

There may be some interaction involved during our presentation and we do our best to ensure students remain attentive. We require you and your staff to be present at all times and ask that you intervene in the event of disruptive behaviour.

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