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Study languages

Is your future global? If you want to take on the world when you graduate, you can complement your degree by studying a foreign language.

How can I study a language as part of my course?

You may be able to study a language as either:

  • a minor (4 units)
  • a second major (6 units)
  • option units (electives).

Check the structure of your course to see if you can incorporate a language into your study.

What languages can I study?

Through the Brisbane Universities Language Alliance, you can study a range of languages offered here at QUT, at Griffith University or at the University of Queensland.

Japanese, Italian, Spanish
French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish

Studying Mandarin at QUT

Learning a language

We teach beginner and intermediate Mandarin subjects at our Gardens Point campus:

You can do advanced Chinese subjects at UQ or Griffith.

You’ll be able to find out which units you can enrol in with a placement interview that will take place after you’ve accepted your offer to study.

Translating and interpreting

We also offer subjects in Chinese-English translation and interpreting, for students who are:

  • native Mandarin/Chinese speakers from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan or Singapore or have near-native competence in Chinese and English
  • interested in developing an understanding of Chinese and English language use in business
  • interested in developing skills in translating business texts.

Choose from our two minors: translation, or translation and interpretation.

Translation and interpretation minor

Translation minor

Short courses

We also offer a range of Modern Chinese language short courses at our Confucius Institute. Anyone can apply to study these courses.

Studying languages at UQ or Griffith

If you want to study a language that’s offered at UQ or Griffith, you’ll enrol in your language subject as a cross-institutional student. You can apply online through the Brisbane Universities Languages Alliance once you’ve been admitted to study at QUT.

You must be enrolled in your course, and have room in your degree structure to take an elective, minor or second major in a language.

Looking for English language courses?

International students can study English language courses with our QUT International College. You can study to:

  • improve your English
  • meet the language requirements for a course
  • prepare for an English language proficiency exam.

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