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Change your career

Are you looking for a change? We offer courses that are designed to take you in a new direction, whether that's preparing you for a career in a whole new industry, or learning a new specialisation within your current field.

Your new direction

Develop your career

If you need to complete professional development training, or you're looking for courses to build on your skills for career advancement, explore the courses we offer.

Professional development

Be a leader

Are you ready to take charge in your industry or profession? Explore bold new ideas, foster change and innovation, and learn to become an exceptional leader.

Ready to take the lead?

Life-long learning

Whether you're looking to move into research, or just explore a new field that you're interested in, we're proud to foster an environment of curiosity and knowledge acquisition that will support you throughout your learning journey, .

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How much will it cost?

Postgraduate study is a great investment in your future.

Find out more about the costs associated with studying, including employer-sponsored study and government loans.

Fees and costs

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Ready to submit your application?

You can apply for most of our postgraduate courses year-round, so there's no time like the present.

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More ways to study

Online study

Some of our courses are offered fully online, meaning that you study a complete QUT degree, but from the comfort of your own home, and during hours that suit your schedule.

Find out more about online study

Research degrees

Find out more about our exceptional research culture, and explore our research degrees, including our Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Philosophy.

Research study at QUT

Study options

There's no right way to study, and we want to help you study your way. Find out more about flexible study options and ways to make your degree work for you.

Ways to study

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