Services and support

Our services and support contribute to the high success rate of our graduates who progress from QUTIC to their chosen QUT degree.

Language and learning support

We offer language and learning advisor services. Our advisors provide our students with individual and group support for their ongoing language and academic literacy needs. They also provide one-to-one consultations and workshops to develop language and academic learning skills.

Student welfare advisors

QUTIC welfare staff offer information, advice, support and counselling through individual appointments and a variety of workshops and activities. Their support will help you make the most of your experience of studying and living in Brisbane.

QUT services and international student support

Our students have access not only to our QUTIC services, but also a range of QUT services and facilities.

QUT services

International Student Services can also help with specific support for international students.

International student support

Mentor program

Our trained mentors can help you adjust to living and studying in Australia. Each semester, QUTIC students help with orientation activities and support new students as they arrive and adjust to living and studying in Australia. This program provides a great opportunity for mentors to develop leadership skills and for new students to feel supported by their peers and make new friends.

Social program

Our students come from a diverse range of countries and backgrounds. Get to know your fellow students through our social activities, including excursions and sporting events. QUTIC students also have opportunities to meet other QUT students by joining QUT student clubs and associations and by participating in trips and activities organised by QUT International Student Services.