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How it works

QUTeX leverages the whole of the university's cutting-edge research to give your organisation a real edge.

Build capability, ignite productivity and get that competitive advantage with QUTeX.

QUTeX approach

  1. eXplore

    Partnerships begin with getting to know each other. We start by exploring your organisation and defining your unique challenges and goals: we assist you to know what you don't know.

  2. eXpand

    Leveraging our expertise with your strength and ideas, we guide the co-design of educational solutions so your organisation can achieve exceptional outcomes.

  3. eXecute

    Our expert facilitators and coaches co-deliver work-based blended learning experiences to change team and individual behaviours and make a difference in your organisation.

  4. eXamine

    We debrief with you to evaluate your team's learning and how your business outcomes have been achieved.

QUTeX Digital Capability Practice

The QUTeX Digital Capability Practice provides world-class research, analysis, advisory services and education to guide you and your organisation to digital business transformation success.

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QUTeX Leadership Coaching Practice

QUTeX Leadership Coaching Practice brings together a team of skilled coaches and alumni who provide expertise on embedding coaching approaches in leadership. This in-depth knowledge equips individuals and organisations with the skills to succeed and thrive in today’s organisational climate.
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QUTeX Professional Advantage

Our Professional Advantage package is an innovative blend of courses and services designed to give your employees the edge to succeed in business.

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QUTeX Speakers' Circle

The QUTeX Speakers’ Circle provides access to a carefully curated set of international thought leaders covering a plethora of contemporary disciplines and themes.

Designed to inspire, educate and guide actions, the Circle provides much needed advisory capacity suited to a board meeting, a strategic leadership gathering or regular meetings such as executive lunches.

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Why choose QUTeX

QUTeX is a revolution in executive education bringing together knowledge from across the university's departments. We co-design educational solutions with you to meet your organisation's business objectives.

Partner with the best

You'll partner with a quality provider consistently ranked by corporations and individual learners as one of Australia's Top 3 Business Schools.

We've got the experience

QUTeX's partnerships with top organisations and government departments have made a real-world difference.

Our education is transdisciplinary

We use the university's knowledge to make real world solutions.

Impact stories

Recognising that size and technology would not be an advantage in future conflict, a strategy was formulated around increasing intellectual and decision-making ability leading to the development of a new professional development initiative, COVE+
Creating a #FutureReadyWorkforce
Western Downs Regional Council wanted a locally delivered, high-impact program that would engage participants and improve core skills across its managers, coordinators and future leaders of the organisation.
Inspiring Leadership Transformation
QUTeX worked with Atradius Australia to develop a bespoke change leadership program for both its leaders and all employees, contextualised for their business, its operation and their priorities.
Leading Change to Support the Future
Can the behaviour of a leader be changed? QUTeX worked with Queensland Treasury to develop the Great Leaders Program to enhance organisational capabilities by changing the behaviour of their leaders.
Changing the Behaviour of Leadership
How QUTeX and Australia's largest project management organisation in defence co-designed learning programs to increase the capabilities of their project managers handling complex projects.
Better Capabilities for Bigger Projects
QUTeX worked with JBS Australia to give their next generation of leaders the knowledge, skills and confidence to take the organisation into tomorrow.
Creating the Next Generation of Leaders
In today's fast pace of retail leaders need to have new capabilities focused on strategic direction, personal leadership and design thinking.
Building Customer Focused Leadership
How QUTeX updated a 25 year-old program to meet the capabilities needed in today's public sector.
Modernising Australia's First Multi Government Public Sector Program
QUTeX worked with the Public Trustee of Queensland to blend a commercial focus and direction into the organisation's culture while encouraging coaching and high performance.
Leading Change Through Team Cultures

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QUTeX leverages the whole of the university's cutting-edge research to give your organisation a real edge. Build capability, ignite productivity and get that competitive advantage with QUTeX.

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