The greatest asset of any organisation is its ‘people’. The development of the workforce is core to meeting future challenges and delivering outcomes.

QUT is experienced in working with government nationally and our programs are specifically designed and delivered to take into account:

  • the current and future context of Government;
  • the scale and complexity of changes that are impacting the work of the Australian Public Service and the broader public sector; and
  • the unique challenges these present.

Our proven co-design approach is central to success. We work with government, jointly designing programs to deliver immediate workforce capability uplift and return on investment, through real-world application.

If you want to be at the leading edge, chat with us about developing tailored learning experiences to keep your organisation future-ready and future-fit.

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Key trends impacting this sector

Service-wide transformation

“…the APS needs a service -wide transformation to achieve better outcomes. It needs short-term change and long-term reform to serve the Government, Parliament and the Australian public more effectively and efficiently — now and in the years ahead.” Our Public Service, Our Future. Independent Review of the APS (2019)

The key to achieving transformation, while continuing to accelerate delivery of current priorities, is building the capability of the public service workforce, individually and collectively.

The challenge is not confined to a particular level of the service, and it encompasses not only recruiting and equipping new public servants with the necessary tools, but also building the capability of existing public servants. While preparing public servants to get maximum value out of new and emerging technologies is a key priority, even more fundamental is the need to equip them to work together collaboratively and across boundaries, adapting to constant change in their organisations and the demands being placed on them.

This is why we have worked to develop our capabilities to tailor our programs to immediate client needs, using that short-term uplift to instill the capabilities required to meet long-term challenges and uncertainty.

Departments we’ve worked with

We excel in consultative partnerships, and our iterative program design and development methodology ensures on-time delivery and world-class education quality.

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QUTeX Tailored Executive Education Guide

Client success

Case Study: Transformational Capability Drives Success

Logan Water partnered with QUTeX to design and deliver a bespoke program to help the alignment of three divisions of the business to become one.

Case Study: Developing the Next Generation of Leaders

In 2019, QUTeX was tasked with the opportunity to co-design and develop a reinvigorated Next Generation program for the Department of Health.

Case Study: Improving Ethical Standards Through Education

Morgans partnered with QUTeX to design and deliver a customised version of FASEA's mandatory ethics bridging course.
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Industry insights

Creating a Culture of Continuous Learning

By Catherine Batch

June 4, 2022

Investing in employees’ ongoing development has long been a strategy of the Australian public service with public management education facilitating the translation of learning into the delivery of public value through programs like the Public Sector Management (PSMP).

PSMP Delivers Both Personal and Professional Benefits

By Dr Tony Peloso

April 13, 2022

One of the highlights of supporting Nick as he explored this challenging set of issues in his community, was his ability to engage with the program content and explore the various tools and processes.

Areas of specialisation

Through QUT’s network of people, partnerships, research and content, you will benefit from the delivery of cutting-edge content across various disciplines.

The following list provides a snapshot of QUT’s contemporary, relevant and real-world leadership education, and why we are consistently recognised (and ranked) amongst the top business schools in the world.

The business of government

QUT has deep relationships and proven history in supplying research and education to multiple agencies and divisions, including Local, State and Federal Government departments.

Digital transformation

From theory to practical, real-world application, QUT’s expert network in digital capability development is amongst the world’s best.

Complexity leadership

QUT is home to global thought leaders (adjunct faculty), on the topic of complexity leadership and leadership at scale; also embedded in QUT’s Executive Masters Program.

Strategic procurement

QUT can provide whole of government procurement and contract management learning and development, through a variety of short courses, open and award programs.

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Explore 120+ short courses, which can be customised and contextualised for your organisation

Explore our catalogue of short courses and open programs, and take advantage of our discount for group bookings, or ask us how we can adapt a course to meet the specific requirements of your team.

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