Digital is not a passing trend.
It’s the future for every enterprise.

The QUTeX Digital Capability Practice provides world-class research, analysis, advisory services and education to guide you and your organisation to digital business transformation success.

We can help you prepare to take advantage of digital opportunities and to manage digital threats by developing your competencies across three domains – from digital information and data literacy, to digital strategy development and digital ethics.

Digital Citizenship

Base competencies for a digitally fit workforce at all levels of the enterprise.

Digital Transformation

Advanced competencies to manage digital investment and transformation as well as manage the data-enabled enterprise.

Digital Leadership

Executive competencies to lead digital enterprises including strategy, ethics and trust in the digital age as well as a focus on digital risk and governance.

Let’s navigate the future together.


Create a human-centric approach to problem-solving.

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Use structured ideation to create the preferred digital future for your organisation.

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Develop a mindset for transformation.

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59% of CEO’s are pushing digital decision making down the organisation.

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Courses for you

Upcoming short courses and open programs to grow your digital capabilities.

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  • Customer Centric Service Blueprinting

    Learn design strategies and develop the skills and capabilities to help you build internal capacity that enables innovation and brings new services to life.

  • Activate: Transformation eXcelerator

    A revolutionary experience for highly motivated and courageous business leaders looking to re-orient and transform their businesses and organisations.

  • Human-Centred Leadership for Transformation

    Design a successful transformation journey by understanding how to take a human-centric leadership approach. Put people first, create value and focus on your service delivery.

  • Implementing Transformative Technology

    Digital, disruptive and innovative technologies are here to stay. Uncover new technologies that are reinterpreting the way we live and work to transform your business.

  • Enabling Transformation Through Innovation

    Develop the capabilities to enable transformation that puts your organisation ahead of its competitors.

  • Enterprise Leadership: Data and Information Literacy

    Make evidence-based decisions and stay ahead of your competition by mastering data analysis and evaluation.

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Prepare your workforce for the future.

Tailored executive education

At QUTeX, we can work closely with you and your organisation to develop customised learning solutions to help build the future fitness of your workers, and in turn, your workplace.

Specific learning experiences are tailored to your exact requirements, using a combination of learning methodologies, blended delivery, cutting-edge content and world-class educators.

Take your digital leadership capability further

Research and partnerships

Our vibrant research community is working on providing real solutions for our changing world.

Find out more about our research:

Centre for Future Enterprise

Source of research-informed guidance for corporate innovation and digital transformation to create new forms of shared value globally.

Centre for Data Science

Innovation in data acquisition and design. Data-focused decision making. Advances in analytics.

Centre for Robotics

Research related to creative, inclusive and fair digital media environment.

Digital Media Research Centre

Robotic vison and autonomous systems.

Centre for the Digital Child

Exploring the impact of technology on the future, and the future workforce.

Centre for the Digital Economy

A world-leading collaboration between industry, academia and all levels of government that helps organisations build confidence and capability; inspire cultures of innovation; and discover new value to thrive in the digital economy.

Digital Transformation is in our DNA. Meet some of our experts

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