Custom courses

Customised programs for my team

The QUT Graduate School of Business also provides tailored workshops or education programs designed to meet the needs of your workplace.

Courses for my team

QUTeX short courses corporate packages

Set your employees up for leadership success by providing them access to our series of intensives breakthrough days, professional education events and services with a QUTeX corporate subscription.

What’s included?

Your corporate subscription could include:

  • 50 seats at QUTeX short courses to allocate as you choose
  • two seats at our Women on the Move forum
  • a half-day workshop facilitated by QUT Executive Education
  • a wide range of topics to choose from.

Our breakthrough days

Our full-day QUT EX short courses, called 'breakthrough days', bring together corporate professionals at intensive working sessions facilitated by world-class corporate educators.

Become a member

Contact our QUTeX short courses team to join or for more information about corporate membership.

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Interested in our QUT EX custom short courses for your team, contact us.

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