What our faculties offer


Global perspective
International opportunities
2nd masters degree

We offer courses specifically designed to give you a global perspective and an international edge. Our Bachelor of Business – International combines your three-year bachelor course with an additional year of international studies, including exchange and cultural immersion opportunities.

For postgraduate students, we also offer an international double masters that allows you to graduate with a second masters degree from a prestigious university along with your QUT business masters. Check your course information to see if your masters is eligible.

Creative industries

Study tours
Creative practice
Global hubs

Study in global creative hubs like New York, Tokyo and Paris with an immersive study tour, available as part of your course. Our Bachelor of Design - International combines your three-year Bachelor of Design course with one year of international studies, giving you all of the outcomes of the standard degree including your choice of majors, plus the advantages of a flexible year of international studies.

While studying overseas, you’ll experience leading creative practices from around the world, which you can take back and apply to your own practice. You'll get international perspectives and build important connections with a global creative community. You'll broaden your horizons and become part of an international creative practice, all while getting credit towards your course.


Global perspective
Boost practical skills
Study tours

We offer international experience programs that can enhance your personal development and cultural competence, and show employers that you have initiative, commitment, flexibility and compassion.

You could get experience in an overseas school teaching or observing classes, providing teaching assistance, or participating in educational and learning activities.

During your degree, you can apply for opportunities to travel overseas for semester exchange, professional experience, or short-term international programs offered in conjunction with our global partners. You may be eligible to receive credit for your experience and funding towards your travel.


Boost practical skills
First-hand experience
Explore new countries

Healthcare is a global issue, and you can experience international health first-hand through your study. Boost your practical skills and experience, challenge yourself, and explore a new country and culture during your degree.

You can also take a short-term overseas study program, usually during the semester break. Recently, students have travelled to explore health issues in China, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Vanuatu and Vietnam.


Exchange partners
Credit for overseas learning
Human rights links

We have exchange partners in China, Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany, as well as many others.

You’ll also have the opportunity to undertake a short-term work placement in South-East Asia and the Pacific, including countries like China, Indonesia, Japan, Bhutan, Myanmar and Vanuatu. These programs are an opportunity for you to improve access to justice for international communities, and develop an understanding of global legal and cultural issues. You can also get credit towards your degree.

We can also help you organise an international opportunities at prestigious organisations like the United Nations, the World Intellectual Property Organisation and the Asian Human Rights Commission.

Science and engineering

Study tours
International skills
Exciting opportunities

Take advantage of opportunities for international internships, exchange programs and study tours, where you can make global connections, learn international skills and techniques, and get credit towards your degree.

We have exciting internship opportunities all around the world for science and engineering students. In the past, our students have completed internships with BMW, Fraunhofer, Hochtief and other industry leaders in places like Germany, France, Japan, Turkey, Canada, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.