Follow these steps to apply for:

  • diplomas and certificates offered through QUT College
  • bachelor degrees, including four-year honours degrees
  • our Master of Social Work (Qualifying) and Master of Teaching courses
  • QUT dual awards with TAFE Queensland.

The steps can also help you with:

  • what to do if you don't have a current ATAR
  • improving your chances of getting into the course you want
  • ordering your preferences when you apply through QTAC
  • checking if you can defer your offer and take a year off before you start university.

If you are an international student, see the guide to applying as an international student.

Admission information can change, and this advice is intended for the next admission period. We recommend checking this page close to when you're applying to make sure you have the most up-to-date information.

Applying guide

You can apply for up to six courses at once.

Search our courses

Ordering your preferences

Maximise your changes of receiving an offer in your ideal course by listing the courses you want to study from most to least preferred.

  1. Use your first and second preferences for your dream courses - the ones you really want to study.
  2. Use your third and fourth preferences for back-up courses that you're interested in studying, but are less competitive for entry. See Step 2: Entry requirements for more information about entry thresholds.
  3. Use your fifth and sixth preferences for courses you can study to help you get into the course you really want.

Have a back-up plan

If you don't think you'll receive the ATAR or selection rank to get into your preferred course, you can do further study to receive a new selection rank. This is called upgrading.

You could consider:

  • a different degree
  • a QUT diploma or certificate
  • a TAFE/QUT dual award
  • VET study.

Make sure you consider these options when you complete your QTAC application.

Help getting into your course

Meeting the requirements

To be considered for entry to QUT, you must be either at least:

  • 18 years old
  • 16 years old and have completed Year 12.

You need to meet the individual course entry requirements to be considered for entry. Check the requirements tab in your course information for more details.

ATAR or selection rank

For most QUT courses, you’re selected based on an ATAR or selection rank. Courses may be harder or easier to get into each year depending on their popularity and the available places.

The thresholds published on our course pages can be used as a guide for the ATAR/selection rank you will need to get into a course in the future. Thresholds can change from year to year.

You may have different admissions pathways depending on your background. You could have multiple selection ranks from past study or work experience, as well as school results. Find out more about how you can apply for entry based on your:

Make sure you read the relevant information so you can maximise your chances of getting in.

I'm in Year 12 now

For current Year 12 students, the minimum requirement for entry to QUT in 2022 is one of the following:

  • completed Year 12 with an ATAR
  • a completed International Baccalaureate
  • completed Year 12 with a vocational education and training (VET) qualification completed at school (certificate IV and above).

Read further advice about entry based on current or recent secondary education.

Offer guarantee

Almost all our courses are part of the offer guarantee. If you receive an ATAR or selection rank equal to or higher than the offer guarantee, you are guaranteed a place in the course regardless of the threshold.

You still need to include the course as part of your QTAC application.

The offer guarantee is shown in the course information. A small number of courses are not part of the offer guarantee.

Additional entry requirements

Some courses have other entry requirements like auditions, interviews, portfolios or statements. For these courses you may need to apply to QUT as well as to QTAC, and the closing dates may be different. Check the requirements tab on the course page for application requirements and closing dates.

Assumed knowledge and prerequisites

For most courses, QUT has an assumed knowledge scheme. This means that we don’t use specific school subjects as entry criteria for our courses, but we assume you have this knowledge when you study with us. You may struggle with your studies if you don’t have the assumed knowledge.

Some courses have prerequisites. You can only receive an offer for these courses if you have studied the prerequisite subjects.

If you haven’t met a prerequisite or don’t have the assumed knowledge, we strongly recommend completing a bridging program through QUT or other recognised providers.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants

Our Oodgeroo Unit offers a culturally supportive admissions pathway for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students looking to study at QUT. The Centralised Assessment and Selection Program recognises life experiences, any study undertaken, skills, commitment and potential.

Applicants with overseas qualifications

If you completed high school or other study overseas, we will consider equivalent overseas qualifications for admission.

Contact QTAC for more information about how overseas qualifications will be assessed for entry. If your qualifications are from countries where English is not the standard language of instruction, you must provide evidence of English language proficiency.

English language proficiency

You must demonstrate that you can speak, write, read and comprehend academic English to a specified standard. If you have an Australian Year 12 qualification, you automatically meet the English proficiency standards (except for our nursing courses, which have specific requirements).

You’ll need to demonstrate your English language proficiency if your first language isn’t English and you haven’t:

  • completed senior schooling in English
  • completed higher study in English
  • had significant professional work experience in English.

Any previous English education or experience must be in the English language as recognised by QUT.

Find more details about demonstrating your English language proficiency via QTAC.

You may be able to improve your ATAR or selection rank with an adjustment if you:

  • experienced difficult circumstances that have impacted on your studies
  • are an elite athlete
  • studied specific subjects at school.

Find out more about our adjustment schemes and see if they apply to you.

You’ll need to meet certain dates for your application. Check our key dates to see what important dates are coming up.


Semester 1

Thursday 3 February 2022
Due date to apply and submit documents for the 10 February final top-up offer round.
Please note some courses have closed early or may be filled and not being offered in the top-up offer rounds. More information about course vacancies.

Semester 2

Thursday 21 April 2022
Due date to apply, submit documents and/or change preferences for the 28 April offer round.
Thursday 26 May 2022
Due date to apply and submit documents for the 9 June offer round.
Friday 3 June 2022
Final date to change preferences for the 9 June offer round.
Tuesday 14 June 2022
Due date to apply and submit documents for the 21 June top-up offer round.

Please note some courses have closed early or may be filled and not being offered in the top-up offer rounds. More information about course vacancies will be available after 9 June.

If you plan to apply for a scholarship, make sure that you check the scholarship application dates so you don't miss out.

Apply online through QTAC. They will let you know if you need to provide documentation, and give you the instructions for providing it.

Apply through QTAC

QTAC will send you an acknowledgement email when you submit your application or change preferences. You need to follow any instructions provided by QTAC.

When to expect an offer

QTAC will notify you if you receive an offer. Offers for Semester 1 are usually made between October and January, and Semester 2 offers are made between April and June.

You may be able to defer your course offer. Find out more about deferring.

Find out more about what happens next.

QUT Year 12 Early Offer Scheme

If you’re a current Queensland Year 12 student, you may be eligible to receive an offer to study at QUT before receiving your ATAR or selection rank. This is part of our Year 12 Early Offer Scheme.

You may be eligible for advanced standing (credit) towards your QUT course if you have:

  • completed a diploma or studied at uni
  • work experience.

That means you won't have to complete all of the units listed in your course structure and you may be able to graduate sooner.

You can apply to QUT for advanced standing once you’ve accepted your offer. You’ll need to provide evidence of your previous study or work experience.

Find out more about advanced standing

Next steps

I've already applied. What happens next?

Once you’ve submitted your application, QTAC will assess it, and you may receive an offer.

Find out what your options are once you do or don't receive an offer for the course you want.

Your next steps

Contact us

If you've got any questions about the applying process, contact our Future Students team at HiQ.