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Step 8: Gather your supporting documents

You'll need to provide supporting documents with your application.

If you're applying online, you can submit electronic copies of documents with your application. But you must submit certified copies of your documents, via post or in person, before you start your degree.

If you're submitting a paper-based application, either via post or in person, you must include certified copies of supporting documents with your application.

How to have your documents certified

To have your documents certified, take originals and copies to:

If the documents are in a language other than English, you must also provide an official English translation.

Academic records

You don't need to submit academic records for any study you've completed at QUT or at other Australian universities listed as QualSearch participating institutions.

If you've studied at other institutions, you must submit:

  • certified copies of your academic transcripts
  • the grading scale of your university (this may be on the back page of your transcript).

If the documents are in a language other than English, you must also provide an official English translation.

If your qualifications have been assessed by AEI-NOOSR (Australian Education International-National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition), submit a copy of the assessment.

CV (curriculum vitae) or resume

Your resume should outline your relevant research activities, such as:

Research-related employment:

  • employer's name
  • industry
  • dates you started and finished
  • position you held
  • duties you were involved in.

Research publications:

  • authorship
  • type of publication
  • was the publication refereed?
  • title
  • journal and page numbers
  • publisher and ISBN.

Other research achievements:

  • awards and prizes
  • grants and scholarships.

Include the institution awarding the prize, grant or scholarship, and the date it was awarded.

See the example CV (PDF file, 156.58 KB).

Research degree skills audit

To help your supervisory team assess your skills and abilities, and to determine any optional coursework and electives to be included in your program of study, we recommend that you complete the research degree skills audit (PDF file, 696.57 KB) and attach it as a supporting document to your application.

Once you've started your research degree, you'll discuss the skills audit with your supervisor or faculty advisor at the beginning of your candidature. You'll identify your strengths and any gaps in your skills, along with your learning objectives and career goals. This will help you plan your coursework and any other training requirements.

The skills in the audit are based on the AQF learning objectives you'll need to complete your research degree. These skills will help you in a career in academia or research, and also include broader skills sets that can help you succeed in any industry. Many research degree graduates go on to careers outside academia, so we want to prepare you for wherever you degree takes you.

Employment experience

If professional experience is an entry requirement for your course, or you believe it will add to your application, you must provide statements from your employers.

These statements should be on company letterhead, be signed and dated, and include:

  • your position title and duties
  • whether you were employed full-time, or the percentage of full-time you worked
  • the dates you were employed.

External study

If you want to complete your research degree with QUT while based at another institution, submit:

External supervision

If you want to work with a supervisor who is not a QUT staff member, submit an external supervisor memorandum (PDF file, 174.81 KB) with your application.

International agreements

International Partner Agreements are established agreements between QUT and an overseas university or institution. If your application is linked to a formal agreement already in place between QUT and a partner institution, you'll need to include an Individual Student Agreement (Part B) with your application for admission. This needs to be signed off by a nominee from the overseas university or institution.

For a copy of the Individual Student Agreement (Part B), email our Research degree partnerships team.

Membership of professional bodies

If you believe professional membership details will add to your application, provide certified copies of annual licences, professional registration or membership details.

All documents should be for the current year.

Name change

You must provide documentary evidence of your name change, such as your marriage certificate or deed poll, if:

  • the name you provide on your application form is different to the name on any supporting official documents
  • you have official documents issued in more than one name.

Residence or citizenship

Provide a certified copy of one of:

  • your birth certificate
  • your certificate of citizenship
  • the relevant pages of your passport.

Scholarship applications

If you're applying for scholarships at the same time as applying for your degree, you'll need to submit:

  • any required documents listed in the details of specific scholarships you're applying for
  • other documents you think would support your application by demonstrating proof of your research ability.

Supporting organisation statement

If your research is being supported by an organisation external to QUT, please request a person authorised by the organisation to supply a statement indicating the support the organisation will provide.

Transferring from another university

Provide an official letter from your university that includes:

  • degree or course type
  • milestone dates
  • start of candidature
  • maximum candidature date
  • Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Fees Offset (Domestic) entitlements (previously Research Training Scheme)
  • scholarship commencement, if you hold a scholarship
  • approved leave of absence dates
  • date withdrawn
  • completion of confirmation process
  • date of confirmation.

You must also supply:

  • the name of your former principal supervisor
  • the reason you're transferring
  • ethics approval, if applicable. Either attach your prior ethics approval, or details of any QUT ethics approval applications in progress.


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