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Our research education difference


  • Develop advanced discipline-specific knowledge.
  • Learn how to apply critical and creative thinking.
  • Investigate new practices that will progress inquiry.


  • Cultivate professional skills.
  • Learn management practices.
  • Build experience that you can transfer to your future career.


  • Get authentic industry experience.
  • Learn to work with others from different disciplines.
  • Problem solve with an end-user focus.

What are you interested in?

Master of Philosophy

Our unique research masters degree recognises students' diverse professional and technical backgrounds and provides an individualised approach to research education.

Learn more about our Master of Philosophy


A PhD challenges you to make a significant contribution to new knowledge in your field. It also inspires collaborative thinking, innovative approaches and authentic learning.

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Professional doctorate

Integrate a research degree into your professional life and make a contribution to solving a problem in your industry.

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Research areas


Collaborate with government and industry to find innovative solutions that benefit business and community at a local, national and global level.

Explore areas like:

  • accountability, regulation and governance
  • consumers, markets and stakeholders
  • economics and finance
  • entrepreneurship, innovation and strategy
  • non-profit and social enterprise
  • organisation and work.

Creative industries and innovation

Join our progressive and collaborative postgraduate community and make an original contribution to media, design or creative arts research. We believe in fostering a supportive intellectual environment that encourages our researchers to address real world problems in areas like:

  • digital media, communication and culture
  • innovation in the performing and digital arts
  • sustainability and innovation in design.


Recognised internationally as a leader in education research with a global outlook, we provide the right environment for our researchers and research students to make real progress and generate real world impact. Our research is leading the way in areas like:

  • childhood in changing contexts
  • initial teacher education and professional learning
  • literacies, culture and digital media
  • STEM education
  • student engagement, learning and behaviour.

Health and biomedical innovation

Get hands-on experience with patients and students, and collaborate with government, community groups, hospitals and institutions from around the world. Your work has the potential to advance healthcare in areas including:

  • behavioural neuroscience and mental health
  • chronic conditions, including cancer
  • healthy lifestyles, ageing and environments
  • emergency care and health services
  • infection and injury prevention.

Law and justice

As our commercial, social and digital worlds continue to evolve, our laws and justice system must progress with them. Our research is helping to shape the law and guide policy reform in areas like:

  • commercial and property law
  • crime and justice
  • health law
  • intellectual property and innovation law
  • international law and global governance.

Science and engineering

From robotics to biomedical engineering, we are leading the way with research that will contribute significantly to the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of people across the globe. It’s exciting, world-changing work happening in areas like:

  • chemistry, physics and mechanical engineering
  • civil engineering and built environment
  • earth environmental and biological sciences
  • electrical engineering and computer science
  • information systems
  • mathematical sciences.

More than a supervisor

When you research with us, you'll benefit from having a dynamic support system around you.

Your support team will include external supervisors from industry as well as our academic staff. You'll develop a positive and collaborative relationship, helping you progress toward your research goals.

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Financial assistance and grants

There are normally no fees for MPhil or PhD students who are Australian or New Zealand citizens, or permanent residents of Australia.

You may be eligible for a scholarship to help cover your costs while you're studying.

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International opportunities

We encourage researchers to pursue international opportunities, including:

  • attending conferences
  • taking field trips to conduct research
  • working with international experts
  • accessing specialist equipment or archives.

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