Language courses

Enhance your degree and diversify your career prospects by studying a foreign language.

Language proficiency is an asset when competing for a career in a globalised economy and multilingualism is vital to the economics and cultural health of Australia. You will develop global knowledge, a cross-cultural understanding and gain a distinct career advantage.

Brisbane Universities Languages Alliance (BULA)

If you're a student with either QUT, UQ or Griffith University, you can study a number of languages as a part of the Tri-university languages alliance.

Griffith University (Griffith), Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and The University of Queensland (UQ) have formed the Brisbane Universities Languages Alliance (BULA), in an effort to strengthen language opportunities in South-East Queensland.

Through BULA, you'll have the opportunity to select from a large range of languages offered by all three universities.

Incorporating language study into your QUT degree

You may be able to complement your degree by undertaking language studies. This could consist of one of:

  • a minor (4 units)
  • second major (6 units)
  • option units (electives).

To determine if you can incorporate language studies into your degree, check the structure of your course.

Languages available

QUT: Mandarin

Griffith: Japanese, Italian, Spanish

UQ: French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish

Education students

If you began your Bachelor of Education (Primary or Secondary) before 2014, you can continue your language major study, choosing from Mandarin, French, German, Indonesian or Japanese. From 2014, students who begin the Bachelor of Education (Primary or Secondary) won't be able to choose a language major.

Studying Mandarin at QUT

Award programs

The QUT Business School teaches degree-level Mandarin subjects at our Gardens Point campus. We offer beginner and intermediate level classes.

Beginner classes

Enrol in our beginner level classes if you have no prior knowledge of Mandarin.

Intermediate classes

Enrol in our intermediate level classes if you have completed Year 12 Chinese at high school in the past two years.

Advanced classes

If you need to study Mandarin at an advanced level, you can enrol in advanced Chinese subjects at UQ or Griffith as a cross-institutional student.

Placement interviews

If you're not sure which subject to enrol in, or if you have any prior knowledge or study of Mandarin, you can undertake a placement interview before enrolling to make sure you enrol at the right level. Contact Dr Ingrid Wang for more information about placement interviews.

Translating and interpreting subjects

We offer subjects in Chinese-English translation and interpreting for students who are:

  • native Mandarin/Chinese speakers from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan or Singapore or have near-native competence in Chinese and English
  • interested in developing an understanding of Chinese and English language use in business
  • interested in developing skills in translating business texts.

The subjects we offer include:

Can I enrol in Mandarin subjects if I'm not a QUT student?

If you're not enrolled in a degree program at QUT, or you're not able to study Mandarin subjects as part of your QUT degree, you can study individual Mandarin subjects as a single-unit study student or cross-institutional study student.

Study Mandarin on exchange

Students studying Mandarin at QUT can apply to participate in a one-semester immersion program at Qingdao University, China.

Qingdao University is one of China's most progressive and dynamic tertiary institutions and the largest university in the Province. The city of Qingdao is a very attractive modern metropolis with a population of two million people.

During the program, you'll:

  • develop your Chinese language skills and increase your proficiency
  • improve your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through daily communication with native speakers
  • gain valuable insight into Chinese culture and society.

A one-semester program runs for 16 weeks, with about 300 hours of classes.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for the program, you must:

  • be enrolled in a degree program at QUT
  • have received grade of at least 5 for Mandarin 1 (AMB031) and Mandarin 2 (AMB032) (unless you completed Year 12 in the last three years and undertook Mandarin as part of your studies)
  • have a grade point average (GPA) of at least 4.5
  • have completed at least 96 credit points of study
  • get faculty approval to participate in the program
  • have space in your study plan to enrol in 36 credit points or 48 credit points of exchange subjects
  • remain enrolled full-time (at least 3 units/36 credit points) while studying at Qingdao.

For more information, contact our Mandarin Program Coordinator, Dr Ingrid Wang.

Studying languages at UQ or Griffith

If the language area you choose is offered by Griffith or UQ, you will enrol in your language subject as a cross-institutional student. You apply for cross-institutional enrolment through the Brisbane Universities Languages Alliance (BULA).

To be considered for cross-institutional enrolment through BULA, you must be:

  • admitted/enrolled in a degree program (award course) at QUT e.g. Bachelor of Business
  • able to undertake language study as part of your degree structure e.g. have available space in your degree to enrol in a language subject (i.e. general elective unit).

Year 12 subject scheme

To help encourage students to study languages, QUT offers an adjustment of two selection ranks to current Australian year 12 students for successfully completing languages other than English (LOTE) subjects to grade 12 level.

Short courses with The Confucius Institute

For professional people and community members wishing to learn Chinese language, the Confucius Institute at QUT provides a range of designed courses for groups of clients, as well as offer a range of set regular courses.

English language courses

If you're an international student, you can study an English language course through our QUT International College (QUTIC) to:

  • improve your English
  • meet the language entry requirements for a course
  • prepare for an English language proficiency exam.

Courses range from 5 weeks to 45 weeks. You'll learn to improve your fluency and accuracy, while developing the core skills of:

  • reading
  • writing
  • speaking
  • listening.


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