For most of our QTAC courses, you can choose to take a year off before you start university by deferring your QTAC offer.

Can I defer my offer?

You may be able to defer your offer if you've applied through QTAC and have been offered a place in most courses.

Check your course information to find out if deferring is an option for your course.

International students

If you've been offered a place in a course, but haven't started, you can apply to postpone the start of your studies by emailing

The information on this page is for Australian and New Zealand students only.

I have a scholarship

Deferring may mean that you won't be able to hold a scholarship you've applied for.

Make sure you check the conditions of your scholarship.

How do I defer my offer?

You defer your offer through QTAC's online services portal.

When you receive your QTAC offer, it will tell you when you have to respond by and how to respond.

Late requests for deferment

You can request deferment after your offer response date by calling QTAC on 1300 GO QTAC (1300 467 822).

We'll consider late requests until the census date for your QTAC offer.

When will I know if my deferment is approved?

Deferment request outcomes are displayed in QTAC's online services portal.

If your deferment is approved at QTAC, we'll email you to let you know by no later than mid-March for Semester 1 or mid-August for Semester 2, after the final round of QTAC offers and the last day to enrol at QUT.

If you've submitted a late request for deferment, we'll contact you in early April for Semester 1 or late August for Semester 2.

Check the QTAC deferment dates to find out when we send deferment confirmations for the semester and offer round that's relevant to you.

Deferment timelines

Can I defer my offer and enrol in other studies at QUT?

Yes, you can hold a deferred place at QUT while being enrolled or on leave of absence at QUT in another course.

While you're on deferment

Tell us if your email address changes, by emailing

We'll use your personal email address, not your QUT student email address, for all communication about your deferment.

As part of regular course development and quality assurance, we may:

  • review and update your course
  • move your course to a different campus
  • cancel your course.

How long can I defer for?

By default, your deferment will last for 12 months.

You can request to defer for 6, 18 or 24 months instead by emailing by the relevant closing date.

Check the QTAC deferment dates for the semester your deferment is supposed to finish to find the due date for requests to extend your deferment or to return early from deferment.

We'll approve your request as long as your course is:

  • scheduled to start in the month you propose to start studying after your deferment
  • still open to deferment.

If you cannot start studying in time you will need to reapply via QTAC when you are able to start studying.

Starting your course after deferment

We'll email you several months before orientation and the start of classes to invite you to take up your deferred offer. The invitation will come to you from QUT and not QTAC.

Check the QTAC deferment dates for the semester your deferment is due to finish to find the dates we release offers for students returning from deferment.

You must enrol according to the details in this offer.

I deleted or can't find my offer

We email your offer letter to you. If you can't find your offer in your inbox, make sure you check your junk mailbox.

If you can't find your offer or you've deleted it, contact our HiQ student centre at to get your QUT username and password. Once you've activated your student account online, you'll be able to view your offer letter via HiQ.