Undergraduate applications

This is applying information for domestic students.
See international students' applying information

Follow these steps to apply for bachelor degrees including four-year honours degrees, and TAFE Queensland and QUT dual awards.

The steps can also help you with:

  • what to do if you don't have a current OP
  • improving your chances of getting into the course you want
  • ordering your preferences when you apply through QTAC
  • checking if you can defer your offer and take a year off before you start university.

Step 1: Find a course

You can apply for up to six courses at once. You need to list the courses on your QTAC application in order of preference.

Step 2: Check important dates

  • Semester 1

    Friday 14 September 2018

    5pm Friday 14 September 2018:
    Final date to register for auditions for:

    • ​Acting
    • Dance
    • Dance Performance
    • Music

    Final date to register and submit portfolios for:
    • ​​Fashion
    • Visual Arts​

    Friday 28 September 2018

    QTAC applications due.

    Friday 28 September 2018

    QTAC applications due.
    Late fees may apply after this date. Further information is available from QTAC Key Dates.

    Friday 7 December 2018

    Due date to apply and submit documents for the 20 December offer round.

    Friday 14 December 2018

    Due date to apply and submit documentations for the 16 January offer round.

    Friday 14 December 2018

    Results posted to Queensland Year 12 students by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA).

    Saturday 15 December 2018

    Queensland Year 12 students can access results online.

    Monday 17 December 2018

    Final date to change preferences for the QTAC 20 December offer round. The change of preference must be finalised before 10am.

    Wednesday 19 December 2018

    Year 12 OP ineligible ranks available from QTAC.

    Tuesday 8 January 2019

    Final date to change preferences for the QTAC 16 January offer round. The change of pre​ference must be finalised before 4.30pm.

  • Semester 2

    Tuesday 23 April 2019

    Final date to apply, submit documents and/or change preferences for the Bachelor of Podiatry - Graduate Entry program.

    Thursday 16 May 2019

    Due date to apply, submit documents and/or change preferences for the 23 May offer round.

    Thursday 30 May 2019

    Due date to apply, submit documents and/or change preferences for the 6 June offer round.

Visit QTAC for more detailed dates:

Step 3: Check you meet the entry requirements

You need to meet specific entry requirements to be considered for entry to each of our courses. Check the entry requirements tab in your course information for more details.

For all of our courses, you need to either have completed Australian Year 12 (or equivalent), or be aged 17 or older and be applying on the basis of your previous study or work experience.

For most of our courses, entry is based on your OP score or your selection rank, which is calculated based on your qualifications and experience. We first consider applicants with OP 1 (or rank 99), then OP 2 (or rank 98), and so on.

Some courses have other entry requirements, like auditions, interviews, portfolios or questionnaires. For these courses you usually need to apply to QUT as well as to QTAC, and the closing dates may be different. Make sure you check your course information for application requirements and closing dates.

Don't have an OP or selection rank?

If you don't have an OP or selection rank there are still a number of ways you can qualify for entry to these courses.

Worried you won't get into the course you want?

If you're concerned that your OP or rank isn't high enough to get into the course you want, you should make sure that your application includes some other ways to get in.

Admission pathways

You may be able to improve your OP or selection rank through our admission pathways for:

  • students who have had difficult circumstances that have impacted on their studies
  • low-income students
  • Indigenous Australians
  • elite athletes
  • students studying specific subjects at school.

Step 4: Check course fees and see if you're eligible for financial support

To get an idea of how much your course will cost, check the costs and scholarships tab in your course information.

Your actual fees will vary depending on which units you enrol in. You can check specific costs for units in the units tab in your course information.

Some courses have extra costs for things like field trips, equipment or practical training.

Financial support

You may be eligible for:

  • a HECS-HELP loan to help you pay your course fees
  • Centrelink payments to help with living expenses
  • scholarships to help with course fees and living expenses.

If you study at QUT, you'll also have access to services including financial counselling, employment advice and short-term loans.

Step 5: Submit your application through QTAC

You apply online through QTAC for admission into our undergraduate courses TAFE Queensland and QUT dual awards, with a few exceptions.

Make sure that you understand the best way to order your preferences for your application.

Returning to study or changing your course

You don't need to apply through QTAC if you're returning to study or changing to a new course within the same faculty. If you want to change to another course in the same faculty, complete the application for intra-faculty change form (I Form).

Find out more about returning to study if:

  • you've been on a leave of absence
  • you want to change the course you've been studying
  • you want to come back to uni after an exclusion.

Special cases: postgraduate courses

Apply through QTAC for:

Make sure you select the correct QTAC code from the course information.

What happens next

Find out more about important dates, accepting offers and getting started at university.

Receiving your offer

You'll find out through QTAC whether your application is successful.

If you receive an offer, you can choose to accept or reject it, or you can make a conditional response if you still want to be considered for other courses in later offer rounds. You may also be able to defer your offer.

Find out how to respond to your offer via the QTAC website.

If you're offered a place in one of our courses and you accept your offer, we'll contact you and let you know how to get started at QUT.

If you don't get into your course, you have options for other ways to get into the course you want.

Deferring your QTAC offer

For some courses you can also choose to defer your offer through QTAC and take a year off before you start university.

Check your course information to find out if deferring is an option for your course.

Deferring may mean that you won't be able to hold a scholarship you've applied for. Make sure you check the conditions of your scholarship.

Step 6: See if you're eligible for advanced standing (credit)

You may be able to have your past studies or work experience count as advanced standing (credit) towards your QUT course.

That means you won't have to complete all of the units listed in your course structure and you may be able to graduate sooner.

You need to apply separately for advanced standing, so make sure you check the application requirements and closing dates.



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