Research student support

QUT provides research students with special support services, including technology support, research training and the QUT Research Students Network.

QUT research students are supported by:

  • strong research facilities and technology
  • research training
  • career preparation
  • international research opportunities
  • dedicated library services.

QUT Research Students Network

The QUT Research Students Network (QRS-Net) seeks to promote a balance of academic competence, social confidence and support networking skills among research students.

QRS-Net supports and encourages students to organise their own initiative that would benefit their interest as researchers and the QRS-Net as a whole.

Research facilities

As a full-time research student, you'll have access to:

  • an office space with your own desk, storage, telephone and computer
  • research and publishing tools, such as email, and data analysis and bibliographic software
  • laboratory or studio space, equipment and facilities to carry out your research.
  • photocopying facilities
  • full library services, including national and international interlibrary loans
  • a binding service to produce your thesis
  • a tea room or common room, if available
  • all campus facilities.

Depending on your study are, you may also have access to state-of-the-art facilities, including:

  • the $230 million Science and Engineering Centre, delivering outcomes in the areas of climate change, infrastructure, and food, water and energy security
  • the $15 million Medical Engineering Research Facility, based at the Prince Charles Hospital, meeting Australia's emerging needs in orthopaedic and artificial organs research
  • the Samford Ecological Research Facility, researching in natural science, engineering, and built environment, particularly urban development and its impact on the ecosystem

Technology and eResearch

eResearch involves using advanced information technology to create and analyse research data, which contributes to a range of activities from research design to academic publishing. We are developing advanced technologies that allow teams to collaborate across national, global and disciplinary boundaries.

QUT's Division of Technology, Information and Library Services (TILS) provides eResearch support infrastructure and services through:

  • high performance computing and advanced technologies
  • research support
  • the library
  • Information Technology Services (ITS).

We are a leader in many eResearch areas, and contribute knowledge to state and national infrastructure programs. Our successes include:

  • ePrints, an online database of academic publications
  • high performance computing and visualisation facilities
  • giving international exposure to our students' research through our QUT Digital Repository.

Research training

We offer free training programs in:

  • qualitative research methods
  • quantitative research methods
  • data collection and analysis
  • data visualisation.

Our training is led by experienced academics and technical support staff, both from QUT and through partnerships with other universities.

Thesis preparation

To help you develop the necessary writing and communication skills to complete your thesis, you can participate in our writing seminars for researchers. Free training programs and online resources are available to help with:

  • critical and creative thinking
  • writing your literature review
  • creating an argument
  • writing your thesis
  • publishing your work.

Library services and support

Our library provides specialised support for researchers.

Liaison librarians

As a researcher, you'll work with a liaison librarian, who will:

  • develop a collection relevant to your research needs
  • assist with information research and retrieval
  • help you manage your research data and information
  • assist you in measuring the impact of your research.

Researcher's Centre

Each campus library also has Researcher's Centre, which provides work space and resources for all research students.

The library offers training in:

  • advanced information retrieval skills, with an emphasis on the changing information environment
  • EndNote, our preferred reference management software
  • general library and study skills.

Researchers' Centres are available for use by QUT staff undertaking university research, as well as students enrolled as follows:

  • Masters by Coursework
  • Masters by Research
  • PhD
  • Honours

Entry is via Swipe Card Access.

Faculty training, facilities and support

You'll also have access to specialised resources and support through the faculty or school you're researching with.

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