Finding accommodation

Finding accommodation

If you need help finding somewhere to live, our accommodation services can help you.

You can rent a room in a student residential complex, which usually includes a bed, study desk, some storage, and shared bathrooms, kitchens and common rooms. Costs range from $265-500 a week.

You can rent somewhere to live in agent-operated student accommodation, or organise your own by looking online. Rent is usually $150-300 each week. You could live alone or share accommodation with other people.

Another option is to rent a room from a residential college, such as Raymont Residential College. Located in the suburb of Auchenflower, it is easily accessible by public transport, and there are approximately 130 students living on its premises.

We recommend finding somewhere to live close to campus. There are usually lots of options either within walking distance or easily accessed by public transport.

I'm an international student and I'm under 18

If you're under 18 years of age, you'll also need to apply for our supervision program. To meet the requirements for your student visa, you must either be placed in an approved accommodation, or live with a parent, guardian or relative until you turn 18.

The supervision program includes a registration fee of $110 and a daily fee of $6.60, which you'll have to pay until you turn 18.

More about applying for your student visa

Places to live

Emergency accommodation

Community and non-government organisations offer many types of short-term accommodation for people in emergency situations. If you unexpectedly find you have no place to stay, you should contact Homeless Persons Information Queensland or use the directory for Brisbane Emergency Relief.

General Support Services

Your uni learning curve can be difficult, and we're here to help with support in learning, study skills, language, health services, finances, LGBTIQA+, disability, employment and spirituality.

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