Advice and counselling

Counsellors and welfare officers at International Student Services provide a professional, confidential and free counselling service to international students.

An international student counsellor or welfare officer can:

  • give you individual support
  • act as a mediator when appropriate
  • assist in the event of a personal crisis or emergency.

There may be times when you need support or advice about your:

  • social environment
  • personal relationships
  • academic studies including your rights and obligations
  • time management
  • employment
  • finances.

Visiting a counsellor or welfare officer gives you the opportunity to better understand your feelings, behaviours, relationships and decisions. It also aims to enable you to:

  • learn new skills to cope better with problems
  • get clarity and perspective on what is happening
  • find support while recovering from a significant life event
  • identify options and make decisions.

International student counsellors and welfare officers are qualified social workers, psychologists and counsellors, who have a deep understanding of issues affecting international students. They are very experienced in helping students from diverse cultures settle into their new life here at QUT.

The counselling process

You can talk to a counsellor or welfare officer in person, on the phone, or by email. Sometimes it will be possible to get help within one session, while other issues may require further follow-up sessions to find a resolution.

All information about your sessions are private and confidential. Only counsellors and welfare officers can access your information. They won't share your information unless:

  • you give them permission to disclose your information
  • you or another person are at serious risk
  • they are required by law to disclose information.


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