Your fees and payment options

We want to make paying your fees as easy as possible.

Find out more information about your course fees, other costs and options for payment to suit your needs.

Understanding your fees

International students

Studying overseas is a great investment in your future.

You will generally pay the full fee for your course. You can find more information about your course fees via your course details.

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Government support

Government loans

Australian and eligible New Zealand students, as well as permanent humanitarian visa holders, might not have to pay for their course up-front. There are options to defer your course fees with a government loan, including HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP and SA-HELP.


Government aid

International students may be able to apply for financial aid programs offered by governments in Australia and other countries.

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Legislative changes affecting you

A number of legislative changes have passed through parliament, many of which will come into effect on 1 January 2021.

Additional course costs

For some courses, there may be extra costs, including:

  • purchasing items like uniforms or safety equipment
  • participating in course-related activities and field trips
  • getting vaccinations
  • applying for a blue card.

These costs are compulsory, and they're not covered by tuition fees.

Check the course information to see if a course has additional costs.

Cost of living

Brisbane is an affordable city, but you still need to plan to make sure you have enough money for your study and living expenses.

If you're moving to Brisbane, during your first few weeks you will need around $2,500 to get set up, including accommodation costs, money to set up your new home, and food and transport. Once you are settled, you should budget around $500 a week for rent, food, transport, bills, study costs and entertainment.

International students

For your student visa, you will also need to meet financial requirements set by the Department of Home Affairs. Find out more about visa eligibility through the Department of Home Affairs website.

Financial support

Managing your money while studying can be challenging. Our welfare officers can help you manage your finances and access financial support, such as Equity Emergency Bursaries, Equity Work Integrated Learning Bursaries, and the Student Financial Assistance Scheme (SFAS).

We also offer a wide range of scholarships for students from all backgrounds, including equity scholarships, which are specifically for low-income students.

If you're an Australian student studying full-time, you may be eligible for Austudy, Youth Allowance or ABSTUDY. Find out more how Centrelink can help you meet your living costs via Services Australia.

Need more information?

If you've got questions about your fees and study costs, contact our student support centre, HiQ.