Undergraduate fees and financial support

Information on the proposed range of higher education reforms, announced on 18 December 2017, is available from the Government’s Higher Education Reform Package webpage.

How much will my course cost?

You have to pay fees for all our undergraduate courses.

To get an idea of how much your course will cost, check the costs and scholarships tab in your course information.

Some courses have extra costs for things like field trips, equipment or practical training.

Your actual fees will vary depending on which units you enrol in.

Student services and amenities fee

You must pay a student services and amenities fee each semester.

We calculate your fee based on the number of credit points you're enrolled in, which depends on the units you enrol in. You can check the number of credit points for a unit through the units tab in your course information. You don't pay the fee for external units.

The maximum fee for the year is $298, which is what you'd pay if you're enrolled in the standard full-time internal study load of 48 credit points per semester (usually 4 units per semester).

This fee helps us to improve non-academic services, including by:

  • promoting health and welfare
  • providing employment and career advice
  • enriching campus culture, through orientation, clubs, cultural events and activities
  • extending the hours of student support services
  • increasing opportunities for work experience, and student leadership and development programs.

Financial support

Can I get a loan to pay my course fees?

HECS-HELP loans scheme

HECS-HELP is a loans scheme to help you pay your course fees.

Can I get a loan to pay my student services and amenities fee?

SA-HELP loans scheme

SA-HELP is a loans scheme to help you pay your student services and amenities fee.

Can I get money from Centrelink to help with living expenses?

You may be eligible to receive income support payments from Centrelink.

Can I apply for scholarships to help with course fees and living expenses?

You can apply for scholarships to help you with study and living costs.

We offer scholarships to low income students, Indigenous Australians and women, as well as people who've excelled in previous study or work.

Each course lists the scholarships you can apply for, or you can check the list of all scholarships for undergraduate students.

You usually need to apply separately for scholarships, so make sure you check the application requirements and closing dates.

You should apply for as many scholarships as you're eligible for. If more than one of your applications is successful, you'll be awarded the scholarship that you're best suited to.

We also offer scholarships that you can apply for during your course. These scholarships can provide financial support and access to opportunities like exchange programs and specific projects.


Our financial services for students

If you study at QUT, you'll also have access to services including financial counselling, employment advice and short-term loans.



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