We support more than 1000 sponsored students from around the world, who receive financial assistance from a government, organisation, company (not private individuals, relatives or benefactors) or employer to undertake study in Australia.

Full degrees

If your sponsor is covering your tuition fees and overseas student health cover, they’ll need to make a formal arrangement with us by completing a sponsorship request. We’ll then invoice your sponsor for your fees each teaching period. If your studies are partially sponsored, both you and your sponsoring body will receive invoices for your respective portions of the fees.

Sponsor information

Your sponsor will need to provide us with their contact and billing information. Details of the student they are sponsoring can also be provided at this time, or can be provided at the time of admission.

Financial Guarantee

If you are an international student and required to provide a Financial Guarantee, this will need be provided on official letterhead and must include:

  • student name
  • QUT student number or date of birth
  • the relevant course/units sponsored
  • what types of fees and charges will be paid by the sponsor (tuition, student contribution amount, OSHC, registration fees, amenities fee, etc)
  • the percentage of each type of fees which are to be paid by the sponsor
  • the duration of the sponsorship (including start and end dates)
  • liability for administration fees and charges associated with withdrawal from unit/s after financial penalty dates
  • your sponsor or organisation's name and contact details.

The financial guarantee letter must be signed and dated by an appropriately authorised representative of your sponsor.

How to apply

To register, complete a sponsorship request. This must be submitted prior to the census date of the teaching period you want to be sponsored. Withdrawal of sponsorship arrangements must also be prior to the census date of the teaching period you want it to take effect from.

Sponsorship request

Short courses

If your employer is covering the cost of studying a short course, they can pay at the time of registration. Email qutex@qut.edu.au for more information.