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  • This new course combines the standard three-year Bachelor of Business degree with one year of compulsory overseas studies
  • Choose one of nine majors: accountancy, advertising, economics, finance, human resource management, international business, management, marketing or public relations
  • Your year of overseas study can either offer you a second degree, cultural immersion or flexible exchange program
  • Enhance your international knowledge and intercultural skills
  • Employers are looking for graduates who can bring an international experience to their job.


QTAC course code413402
QUT course code BS08
Attendance Full-time or Part-time
Course duration 4 years full-time
8 years part-time
Start month 2018 & 2019 February, July

You can defer your offer and postpone the start of your course for one year.

Delivery On campus
  • Gardens Point
  • QUT Business School
Course contact
CRICOS code 083019B
  • Account Executive
  • Accountant
  • Administrator
  • Advertising Professional
  • Banking and Finance Professional
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Development Officer
  • Economist
  • Financial Advisor/Analyst
  • Financial Project Manager
  • Financial Risk Manager
  • Human Resource Developer
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Information Officer
  • International Business Specialist
  • Investment Manager
  • Manager
  • Market Research Manager
  • Marketing Officer/Manager
  • Project Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Public Relations Officer/Consultant
  • Statistician


The first of its kind in Australia, QUT’s new Bachelor of Business – International combines the three-year Bachelor of Business with one year of compulsory international studies. The combination gives you all of the outcomes of the standard degree plus international skills developed during your international study year.

International study year options

You will have a range of options to choose from for your overseas study year, including:

  • Second degree program — If you are interested in getting a second degree from an internationally recognised university then there are a number of options available at:

  1. Aston Business School in England

  2. IESEG School of Management in France

  3. BI Norwegian Business School.

    By completing a set program of study at QUT, and completing one year of study overseas at one of these schools, you can earn degrees from two AACSB and EQUIS accredited schools. Note that places may be limited with some partners.

  • Language and cultural immersion — Are you interested in living or working in China, Japan, Korea, Chile or another country? Why not undertake a year of studies, concentrating on developing language, cultural and business skills relevant to that region.

  • Certificate programs — Receive a professional certificate at selected partner institutions based on a year of studies in a related area.

  • Flexible exchange studies — Maybe you just want to spend a year living in a country of interest, or studying something we don’t offer at QUT. You can use this option to complete a year of international study while keeping all of your QUT study options open.

Why choose this course?

The world of business is increasingly global, whether it is through the sourcing of goods, selling to international customers, partnering with international companies or just dealing with an increasingly international and intercultural workforce and customer base.

The Bachelor of Business – International is designed to enhance students’ international knowledge and intercultural skills through the embedding of intercultural skills and by requiring you to live and study in an international setting. Whether it is by studying business from a different cultural perspective or by undertaking an intensive cultural immersion program, you will have a set of skills that will take you further.

Employers are looking for graduates with a difference and recent international surveys have shown that more than 50 per cent are looking for employees who can bring an international experience to their job.

Real-world learning

The Bachelor of Business – International is made up of four distinct parts over 32 units:

  1. Nine core business units covering the major functional areas and skills in business

  2. Eight units in your chosen major. Choose a major in one of our nine professional areas:
    Human Resource Management
    International Business
    Public Relations

  3. Eight units of your choice to match the international study option you have chosen

  4. Seven optional units allowing you to complete a second major, minor or extension of your choice.

In the semester before you go overseas, you will study a dedicated intercultural skill development unit, Bridging Cultures – International, with assessment continuing throughout your year overseas. The unit is designed to help you assess your own intercultural development personally, socially and within your chosen business field.

Career outcomes

Career outcomes are the same as those associated with the Bachelor of Business (see individual majors). The advantage of the Bachelor of Business – International is that it gives you enhanced international skills increasing your ability to work globally, or in a globally engaged firm.

Professional recognition

See individual majors:

Human Resource Management
International Business
Public Relations


Download course structures and unit outlines for Bachelor of Business - International

The units that you will study in the Bachelor of Business – International will depend upon the combination of major(s) that you have chosen at QUT and the international study year option that you will undertake.

If you choose the Flexible Exchange Studies/Certificate Program/Language and Cultural Immersion as your overseas option, you can enrol and follow the units listed in the course structures below relevant to your QUT major study area.

If you select the Second Degree as your overseas option, you will require a personalised study plan from the QUT Business School Student Centre in your first year of study.  You can follow the 1st and 2nd semesters of study as indicated only.  Depending on your overseas destination, some of your study units are pre-determined so your study plan will be individually designed for you.  If you do not seek study plan advice after commencement in the program you may risk ineligibility for this overseas option.

All students will be requested to indicate a preference for international study year within the first year of your degree.


Your degree at a glance

Year 1

This year is designed to give you an introduction to the core knowledge sets in business and to start you on your program of study in your chosen discipline area. In your first year you will study a mix of core units and the introductory units in your major of choice. If you are uncertain about which major you would like to study then you can choose primarily first year core units to get a taste of a variety of business disciplines.

Year 2

Year two is the important year in the Bachelor of Business – International. It is the year in which you will choose your preferred international study option and destination, and you begin to make subject choices that can lead to this option. In this year you complete your exchange application and final decisions will be made on where you will go. Your final destination will depend upon your meeting certain conditions (see special conditions).

In year two you will continue to study business core units but you will also increase the level of study in your chosen major. If you are interested in undertaking a second degree as your international study option then you will be required to study some subjects which will be required to meet the conditions of the institution who will be hosting your second degree.

Year 3             

Depending upon whether you commence in February or July, you will spend all or just part of year three offshore. For most students, you will commence your overseas study half way through year three (August – October depending upon where you go to study).

In the first half of year three you will complete additional major studies at QUT, complete other units required for your international study option and undertake a special core unit Bridging Cultures – International. This unit of study is designed to help you prepare for your year offshore, and help you develop ways in which you can best assimilate and evaluate the overseas experience. Assessment will include undertaking intercultural evaluations at different points both before and after your offshore experience to allow you to see how you have changed over that time.

The second half of year three will be spent undertaking studies at your host institution. Depending on your choice of international study option, these subjects may be set (second degree) or completely elective (free exchange option).

Year 4

In year four you will complete your offshore studies. This will include the final component of the intercultural assessment at the conclusion of which you will be provided with feedback on the extent to which you have developed in terms of your intercultural awareness and thinking. You then return to QUT to complete the final component of your QUT degree.

The final semester at QUT will include the capstone unit in your chosen major which is designed to integrate your previous knowledge and skill development in that discipline and allow you to apply that to a real situation.


Special conditions

The unique nature of the Bachelor of Business – International which requires you to spend a year studying in another cultural living and learning environment means that you need to be prepared differently, and we need to ensure that you are performing academically well enough to handle the different environment. The following are special conditions relevant to this degree:

Academic performance — Consistent with the exchange policy in place at QUT, you will not be able to complete the international study year if you have not maintained a GPA of at least 4.5 on the QUT 7-point scale. This rule is in place to protect both you and the QUT reputation. Many of our partners are among the best business schools internationally where you will face a challenging learning environment. The higher GPA requirement is in place as a guide to increase our confidence that you will be able to meet the study challenges and to represent QUT well at the partner institutions.

International study preferences — QUT has agreements with the major partner schools involved in the Bachelor of Business – International to set aside study places for our students, however these places are limited. Consequently we cannot guarantee that every student will be assigned to their first study preference. You will be able to let us know of your preferred destination when you commence your degree, and will submit a final set of preferences one year prior to commencing the offshore study program. International study options will then be determined based on the number of places on offer at the partner institution, the number of applications at QUT, and, if necessary, academic performance. Where possible QUT will try to ensure that every student gets their preferred study destination, but this cannot be guaranteed. However every student who has the required GPA will be able to undertake an overseas study experience.

Designated unit — The unit AMB390 Bridging Cultures – International is the main unit of study used to both teach and assess intercultural aspects of the degree, and is the unit in which we will carry out assurance of learning on this dimension of your study program. It has been defined as a designated unit and must be passed in order for you to complete the degree program.

Study plans — The combination of multiple major areas of study at QUT with many international study option choices means that each student is likely to have a unique study plan. You will be provided with a study plan based on your expressed preference in the first semester of your degree. It will be necessary for you to complete your studies according to that plan as any variation may mean you will not be able to undertake your preferred international study option. This is particularly the case if you wish to undertake the second degree option where you will need to complete certain prerequisite subjects necessary to meet the requirements of the degree program at your host institution.

If you are unable to meet any of the eligibility requirements for the international study year, or your personal circumstances change which prevent you from undertaking the year overseas, you may be eligible to transfer to the Bachelor of Business (BS05) three-year program. All eligible studies completed in the Bachelor of Business – International (BS08) program may be transferred to the three-year program.

Entry requirements

Guide to entry thresholds

OP 6

Rank 89

Course information set



Assumed knowledge

Before you start this course we assume you have sound knowledge in these areas:

  • English

We assume that you have knowledge equivalent to four semesters at high school level (Years 11 and 12) with sound achievement (4, SA). Accountancy, economics, finance, and marketing majors also require (4, SA) in Maths A, B or C.

More about assumed knowledge

Course fees

Your actual fees may vary depending on which units you choose. We review fees annually, and they may be subject to increases.

Additional Costs

There are additional costs associated with travelling to and living in another country.  This includes visa’s, airfares, accommodation, health cover and other associated living costs. These costs will vary depending on your destination.  Information on indicative costs and financial support available are available on the Student Exchange website.

You will continue to pay or defer fees through QUT while you are on your international study year.  You won’t have to pay any tuition fees at your exchange university.



2019: CSP $11,000 per year full-time (96 credit points) (subject to annual review)

2018: CSP $11,000 per year full-time (96 credit points) (subject to annual review)

Student Services and Amenities Fee

You may need to pay the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) as part of your course costs.

HECS-HELP: loans to help you pay your course fees

You may not have to pay anything upfront if you're eligible for a HECS-HELP loan.

Find out if you're eligible for a HECS-HELP loan

Scholarships and financial support

You can apply for scholarships to help you with study and living costs.

These scholarships are available for this course:

View all undergraduate scholarships

You may also be eligible for Centrelink payments.


How to apply for Bachelor of Business - International

You apply through QTAC for all our undergraduate courses.

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Important: Make a note of the QTAC code for this course (413402) because you'll need to enter it as part of your QTAC application.

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