6 May, 2022 | Max Jamwal, Master of Business alumni

As one of the top 1% of Business Schools worldwide, you can’t go wrong with studying a postgraduate degree at QUT.

Whether you want to take the next step in your career or pivot your career entirely, postgraduate qualifications can fast-track your success.

Here we outline the differences between a Master of Business and a Graduate Certificate in Business, to help you decide your next career move.

Course length

The obvious difference between the two is the course length. A Graduate Certificate in Business can be completed in six-months full-time, whereas a Master of Business can take up to two years full-time (although can be reduced to 18 months if you have relevant prior study experience). Both courses can be studied full-time and part-time.

Students find the Graduate Certificate helpful in being able to pivot their career or upskill quickly, with Masters’ students choosing their degree to explore a topic in more depth.

Graduate Certificate in Business (Integrated Marketing Communication) alumni Puru Kundu chose his postgraduate degree for this reason.

“I’d recommend QUT’s Graduate Certificate in Business to anyone looking for a depth of learning that will build your confidence, knowledge and network of industry connections,” he shared with us.

“This course offers a lot in a short period of time and propels you into your chosen specialisation.”

Puru Kundu
Puru Kundu, Graduate Certificate in Business alumni.

Majors available

Both courses have an extensive array of study areas, with the Master’s offering 10 majors and the Graduate Certificate offering 13 study areas. There is also the option to build your own customised program in both courses. This provides an opportunity for you to select a study area that aligns with your career aspirations and personal interests.

Justin George, alumnus of Master of Business (Marketing), credits his degree to providing a sense of direction with his career.

“Finding the right course that aligns your interest and passion with a prospective career is really critical to your success, both in your education and professional work,” he said.

“My degree helped me achieve a sense of self-awareness of my strengths and the direction I wanted to grow my career.”

Explore our range of majors for the Master of Business and Graduate Certificate in Business.

Justin George
Justin George, Master of Business alumni.

Flexible learning

Both the Master’s and Graduate Certificate offer flexible learning, so you can study around your work and life commitments.

Master of Business (International Business) alumni, Max Jamwal, was able to balance work and study with the range of resources available.

“I found the course delivery very beneficial,” she shared.

“The flexibility between online and in-person classes, and being able to catch up with missed classes through the lecture recordings.”

Max Jamwal
Max Jamwal, Master of Business alumni.

Real-world learning

Grow your confidence with award-winning lecturers and advanced industry connections who teach across the Master and Graduate Certificate subjects.

“Practical examples and learning opportunities were embedded in the Graduate Certificate of Business,” alumni Puru shared.

“Industry case studies, guest lecturers and visits to clients allowed me to convert theory into action.

“Having tutors who were currently working in the industry allowed me to gain valuable experience in the workplace and make professional connections.”

This real-world learning extends into assessment pieces and internship opportunities.

Max shared that she found this approach to learning allowed her Master’s degree to be instantly applicable to her workplace.

“One project that stands out to me is in my penultimate semester we worked with a local Council on a community engagement project to help them with new rules around pets,” she shared.

“We were actually working on a problem that the client needs solved, and what I learnt from that project I was able to apply at work on a different project.”

Justin has also benefited from this learning approach, undertaking internships as part of his studies.

“Work integrated learning units were central to my learning and development at QUT,” he shared.

“I was proactive in undertaking industry internships every semester, which QUT supported in every way possible.”

Turn your business ambition into action

Whether to study a Master of Business or Graduate Certificate in Business is a choice specific to you.

If you want to find out more about the courses and what they offer, check out our links below.

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