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Applying for study abroad and exchange

Partner institutions

Follow this process to come to QUT for one or two semesters. Get credit for your study towards your degree, and have the experience of a lifetime.

Before you apply

To make sure you apply for the right program, you will need to check if you study at one of our partner institutions.

Do you study at a partner institution?


If you study at one of our exchange partner institutions, you may be able to participate in our exchange program. You must be nominated by your home institution to participate.

Our exchange program

Study abroad

If you do not study at one of our exchange partner institutions, or your institution doesn't nominate you for exchange, you can participate in our study abroad program.

Our study abroad program

Research with us

If you are a research student, you can also complete one or two semesters of your research with us.

Apply for short-term research

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