Research in world-class facilities with leaders in their fields at QUT. There are two main ways that you can come and complete one or two semesters of your research degree with us:

  • participate in our exchange program (if you study at one of our partner institutions)
  • participate in study abroad (if you don't study at one of our partner institutions).

You can also choose one of our alternative research options, including a joint PhD or an occupational traineeship.

Study abroad

If you don't study at an exchange partner institution, you can research with us in our study abroad program. This program has tuition fees and you must study full-time (3 or 4 units) for the duration of a full semester. Depending on your area of study, you may be required to complete a minimum of 4 units in this program. Students participating in this program usually study under an Australian student visa.


If you study at one of our exchange partner institutions, you can undertake a research project for one or two semesters. You must be nominated by your home institution and study full-time (3 or 4 units) for a full semester. Students in this program usually study under an Australian student visa.

Occupational traineeships

You can come and research with us by doing laboratory work on a research project, and earn credit towards your home degree without enrolling as a student at QUT. You will be considered a junior visiting staff member, but you will not have access to student concessions. Applications for this program are processed by our research centres.

Contact the research centre that you want to work with to apply.

Exchange timelines

Program duration

Our research study abroad and exchange programs run during our standard university semesters. You can apply for one or two semesters:

  • semester 1: February - June
  • semester 2: July - November.

If you want to research with us for less than a semester, email the Office of Research at

How to apply for research at QUT

Step 1: Find a supervisor

You'll need a supervisor while you're researching with us. Find an academic that you'd like to work with and think about the possible research you'd like to do with them.

Step 2: Complete the form

Complete sections 1-7 of the application for research study abroad/exchange form (SER form) (PDF file, 655.3 KB), and email this to the academic supervisor you wish to work with. Your supervisor must approve your proposal and complete sections 8 and 9 of this form to confirm their approval.

Step 3: Submit the form

Sign and date the declaration in section 10 on the SER form and ensure you have completed all items on the checklist (section 11). Submit the form and all supporting documents to

What happens next?

We will let you know if your application is successful or not.

If your application is successful, we'll send you an offer letter. Once you've accepted your offer, you can start preparing to come and research with us.

Research with QUT

Change the world for the better with short-term research at QUT.

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