Equity Services produces annual reports to evaluate diversity within our university, and to inform our programs and strategies. Our reports document on:

  • staff equity
  • student equity
  • gender statistics
  • equity scholarships and their impacts.

Staff equity reports

Each year we collate and publish statistics on the diversity of our workforce, including gender balance and the participation of men and women in various activities. We do this to see whether any support or career development programs are needed for particular groups of staff.

We also monitor our performance in gender equity against the sector by looking at inter-institutional gender statistics analysed by Universities Australia. In particular we observe University Australia's Strategy for Women which aims to support women in leadership and research.

QUT Gender Equity Report (PDF file, 2.6 MB)

QUT Workplace Gender Equality Agency Report (PDF file, 1.1 MB)

QUT Workplace Gender Equality Agency Compliance Letter (PDF file, 55.4 KB)

Student equity reports

We measure the progress of student equity groups by examining attrition rates. Attrition rates are indicators used to measure performance within the university, and should be viewed in conjunction with other indicators such as access, participation and retention rates to gain a full picture of performance.

Equity scholarship reports

The Equity Scholarships Scheme offers many scholarships to low income students - over $4 million in 2015. We conduct annual surveys to collect feedback on the impact of these scholarships and publish our findings in the Equity Scholarships Scheme Report.

Equity Scholarships Scheme Report (PDF file, 1.0 MB)

Request equity data and statistics

Contact Equity Services at equityenq@qut.edu.au for more information, or to request reports from previous years.