There are some reasons why you may not have received a QTAC offer. If you still have questions about your offer, contact QTAC.

You didn’t meet the ATAR or selection rank threshold

Thresholds can change from year to year depending on the number of places available, the number of applications, and the ATAR or selection rank of the applicants. If you didn’t meet the threshold, think about other courses that you're interested in studying or that can be used to get into your preferred course. Explore your options to get into the course you want.

You need to meet additional course entry requirements or prerequisites

Some of our courses have additional entry requirements or prerequisites. Check your course information to see if you need to meet any other requirements.

You also need to check if you've met the minimum entry requirements through the QTAC website.

You need to meet English language proficiency requirements

If English isn’t your first language, you may need to provide evidence of meeting English language requirements. Contact QTAC.

Fees outstanding with QTAC

QUT can't make offers if you haven't paid your QTAC fees.

You haven't lodged all course documentation with QTAC

You'll need to have lodged your QTAC application with all relevant documentation by their due date. Check the QTAC website.

You have unfinalised results

Official results, if available, must be lodged at QTAC by the appropriate due date. Check the QTAC website. This might be an issue if you're expecting to complete your studies but have deferred examinations or supplementary assessment outstanding.

If you have completed a TAFE Diploma or Advanced Diploma but haven't graduated, you must immediately notify QTAC of your eligibility to graduate by sending them either:

  • an award certificate
  • a letter of advice from TAFE.

If QTAC receives this after the early January or early June offer round, your selection ranks will be recalculated and your application will be considered against the top-up offer round thresholds (late January/early February or late June).

You have previously been excluded from a 'like course'

If you have been excluded from studying a 'like course' before, you won’t be considered for entry to another 'like course' at QUT until you have served 12 months of exclusion.

After exclusion, you must also demonstrate in your QTAC application that you have subsequently and successfully completed sufficient similar study, (for example, a diploma or one year full-time (or equivalent) of a 'like' degree, or 'like' work experience.

You applied for a graduate entry course but aren't eligible

Graduate-entry courses are open to applicants who have completed an Australian or comparable overseas degree qualification, including a:

  • bachelor degree
  • postgraduate diploma
  • masters degree
  • doctorate degree.

These qualifications are not sufficient:

  • degrees completed overseas that are not equivalent to an Australian degree
  • completed graduate certificates
  • incomplete studies at any level
  • any sub-degree qualifications, including three-year diplomas offered by colleges of advanced education and universities in the 1980s - early 1990s.

Master of Teaching applicants must have sufficient academic background in the appropriate teaching areas. You can check you've met the minimum entry requirements for a course through the QTAC website.

Admission pathway issues

If you submitted a Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) result, this is not accepted on its own for admission.

If you have submitted your work experience documentation, contact QTAC for advice on your selection rank.