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  • PhD
  • Master of Philosophy
  • Honours


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Professor Ottmar Lipp
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Faculty of Health


Faces are a rich source of social information communicating social categories like sex, age or ethnicity of a person, but also a person’s emotional state via facial expressions of emotion. The current research investigates how cues available on a face (social category cues, attractiveness, trustworthiness) or what we know about a person affect the manner in which we process emotional expressions.

Research activities

You can expect to:
  • join a team of dedicated researchers.
  • learn how to design, execute, analyse, and communicate cutting edge research
  • develop skills in experimental psychological research.


The research is basic in nature and will primarily enhance our understanding of how facial expressions are processed. This basic knowledge can inform how we form first impressions of others or respond to persons from different backgrounds.

Skills and experience

Desirable prerequisites are:
  • undergraduate degree in psychology
  • basic understanding of quantitative methods.


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