We have built an excellent research profile, supported strongly by the work of the Office of Education Research. Our staff support researchers with grants, administration, finance, travel and resources, while also organising the training of higher degree research students.

Research strengths:

40,000 +

Graduates have become teachers, childcare specialists, educators and government trainers.


Learning and teaching

Our staff are committed to improving the quality of education for diverse learners both in Australia and beyond.

Many of the faculty's pre-service graduates are registered with the Queensland College of Teachers but others work in child care settings or as trainers in community and industry settings.

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News and Events

'Upskilling' Qld teens & teachers: Education Minister visits QUT for Vice-Chancellor's STEM Camp

27-09-2016 'Upskilling' Queensland's teenagers and teachers in STEM areas (science, technology, education and maths) is crucial for...

Northside STEM challenge: Robots open students’ eyes to the future

23-08-2016 High school students on Brisbane's northside have celebrated the end of an eight-week robot-building journey with...

The Forum: Literacies, Culture and Digital Media

27-10-2016 The 21st Century has ushered in dramatic changes, potentials and even moral panic in relation to...

Shortage of early childhood teachers

07-10-2016 There has never been a better time to study to become an early childhood teacher.

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Community engagement

Exceptional teachers for disadvantaged schools

This innovative program prepares high quality teachers to work in low socio-economic schools. Our students receive specialised tuition and mentoring that equips them to work in schools where they can have the greatest impact.

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