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Faculty of Business & Law,
School of Advertising, Marketing & PR

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Faculty of Business & Law,
School of Advertising, Marketing & PR


social marketing, behaviour change, service design, consumer behaviour, health services, energy consumers, behavioural economics


Marketing, Public Health and Health Services

Field of Research code, Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC), 2008


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Management (University of Queensland)

Professional memberships and associations

  • Australian Marketing Institute
  • Australian Association of Social Marketing
  • Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy
  • American Marketing Association Services Special Interest Group (SERVSIG)


2014  Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning, Federal Government Office of Learning and Teaching

Award received for stimulating marketing students' active learning using role-play simulations and for building relationships between alumni, industry and current students to bridge the theory-practice gap (QUTopia).  Details of Award: ttp://

Teaching interests

  • Innovation and designing new goods and services
  • Social marketing
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Marketing management

Rebekah teaches the two marketing innovation units at QUT (AMN443 and AMB251) and has developed a unique gamified student engagement program for AMB251 called EduPrize. In both units there is a client who provides the opportunity for students to design an innovative good or service that will have social impact in the client's industry. The best assignments are selected to do a live pitch at the end of semester and receive a prize.

Rebekah is responsible for inventing QUTopia, a non computer-based simulation for marketing students in the QUT Business School developed in 2005 which has run for sixteen semesters and has involved more than 400 local business donating products.  This simulation is set in a fictitious town in Queensland called QUTopia and is part of AMB240 Marketing Planning and Management, a core unit in the marketing major.  This unit emphasises real world skills and requires students to form businesses and invent a product which is sold to class members at two marketdays using QUTopia currency.  Students then evaluate their marketing performance using reflective online videos via QUTopia TV and a written case study. The teaching staff adopt roles such as the mayor and ministers, and students from other faculties are also encouraged to volunteer in professional roles to gain real world experience. Students need to either provide their own products or source donations from industry, and approximately 40 local and national businesses every semester donate products.  The unit uses multiple channels of communication such as blackboard, QUTopia TV Guide, facebook and twitter, each designed for a specific purpose.  The pedagogy and design of QUTopia has been presented at international conferences and published in scholarly journals. A notable outcome of QUTopia is that student teams from AMB240 have won the Australian Marketing Institute Annual Student Marketing Plan Competition, twice in three years.

Rebekah has also taught Research Theory for the Faculty of Business research students to assist the development of a research topic, literature review, identification of theory gaps and development of research questions.  As part of this course, Rebekah has developed a workshop on Reverse-Engineering a Journal Article' to assist in the successful publication of research.  This workshop is a sought-after presentation by Universities in Australia and Internationally.





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Research projects


Current supervisions

  • Brainwaves and Behaviour: Understanding Digital Social Support Tools and Customer Engagement Behaviour
    PhD, Associate Supervisor
    Other supervisors: Dr Kate Letheren
  • The effectiveness of marketing communication for minimising resistance to cosmetic biomedical innovation: the imagined customer experience
    PhD, Associate Supervisor
    Other supervisors: Dr Laura Bray
  • Behavioural insights of 'The Sandwich Generation': coping and cracking
    PhD, Associate Supervisor
    Other supervisors: Professor Uwe Dulleck
  • The Engaged Parent: The role of marketing communication and impact of rhetoric in improving low SES parental engagement in public education services
    PhD, Associate Supervisor
    Other supervisors: Dr Anne Lane
  • Destroying value in transformative health services for vulnerable male consumers: The role of masculine identities
    PhD, Associate Supervisor
    Other supervisors: Professor Katherine White
  • The Robotic Service Trilemma: Understanding human wellbeing within the service triad
    PhD, Associate Supervisor
    Other supervisors: Professor Marek Kowalkiewicz
  • The Impact of Service Robots on Customer Experience and Choice in High Contact Service Settings
    PhD, Associate Supervisor
    Other supervisors: Dr Frank Mathmann
  • Deepfakes: A state of play and interactions with behavioural biases and value
    PhD, Associate Supervisor
    Other supervisors: Dr Kate Letheren
  • Fruitful Engagement: Framing the Value of Imperfect Produce
    MPhil, Associate Supervisor
    Other supervisors: Dr Lisa Schuster
  • Designing for Self-Discovery: Responding to dissatisfaction and disengagement in higher education by facilitating transformative experiences.
    MPhil, Associate Supervisor
    Other supervisors: Professor Larry Neale