QUT Council

QUT Council is our governing body, responsible for the effective governance and operations of the university.

Council members include:

  • professionals and representatives from higher education, government, commerce and industry
  • elected QUT staff members, students and alumni
  • our chief executive officer, the Vice-Chancellor and President.

Council's composition, membership, powers and responsibilities are governed by the QUT Act 1998 (PDF file, 370 KB) .


Council members serve a four-year term, except for student Council members who serve a two-year term. There are 15 members on QUT Council in official, elected and appointed positions.

Members of QUT Council

The Chancellor

The Chancellor is the formal head of the university, and works closely with the Vice-Chancellor and President. The position is elected by Council, and the Chancellor is the chair of the governing body and is responsible for the efficient operation of Council.

The term of office for Chancellor is usually 5 years.

Find out more about the role of the Chancellor in the Manual of Policies and Procedures, or via the University Chancellors Council website.


Council can:

  • establish committees
  • delegate power to committees or officers
  • authorise committees or officers to make decisions relating to prescribed policy and procedural matters.

While Council is ultimately responsible for the management of QUT, it has delegated authority to the Vice-Chancellor and President, and to various senior administrators for day-to-day management of the university.

Key dates, reports and activities

Council meeting dates

24 February
28 April
30 June
25 August
13 October
8 December

Summaries of the activities of Council and its committees are published periodically as reports.

Reports of QUT Council

Graduation Dates

20-28 April2021 December graduations, rescheduled due to COVID restrictions
25-29 JulyJuly Graduations
15-21 DecemberDecember Graduations

Council committees

QUT Council recognises that the contribution and involvement of QUT committees and members is critical for decision-making and effective corporate governance. Several committees assist Council in its operations. These committees report directly to Council:

  • Risk and Audit Committee, chaired by Ms Susan Rix
  • Governance, Nominations and Remuneration Committee, chaired by Dr Xiaoling Liu
  • Finance and Planning Committee, chaired by Mr Paul Lindstrom
  • University Academic Board, chaired by Professor Nic Smith.

The Vice-Chancellor and President reports directly to Council and has established various committees to meet compliance obligations and contribute to specific management functions.

QUT committee structure (PDF file, 154 KB)

Awards and honours conferred by Council

Honorary doctorates

A person may be awarded a Doctor of the University by Council for distinguished service to the community, QUT or scholarship. Honorary doctorates are conferred at a graduation ceremony.

Full list of honorary doctorate recipients

Professor Emeritus

The title of Professor Emeritus is conferred in recognition of distinguished academic service by a QUT Professor.

Full list of Emeritus Professors

QUT Life Fellows

QUT Council has awarded the title of Life Fellow to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of QUT over a long period.

Our Life Fellows are:

  • Ian Cameron, AM, BE(Hons) Qld, FIEAust, FICE, FASCE. Chairperson of Council 1983-1987
  • Alexander Fraser, AO, BSc(Eng), BE(Civil), PhD, DIC Lond, MIEAust, FAIM. Foundation Director of QIT 1965-1981 (deceased)
  • Mervyn Hegarty, AM, MSc, PhD, FRACI. Council Member 1971-1975, Deputy Chairperson of Council 1975-1980 (deceased)
  • Jack Parkinson, OBE, BArch Qld, DUniv, LFRAIA, RIBA. Deputy Chairperson of Council 1971-1974, Chairperson of Council 1974-1983 (deceased)
  • Victor Pullar, AO, BEng(Hons) Qld, DUniv, FIEAust. Chairperson of Council 1987-1989, Chancellor 1989-1994 (deceased)
  • Roy Wallace, AM, DipMEE, MIEAust, FAIM. Council Member 1971-1988 (deceased)
  • Brian Waters, OAM, BCom Qld, AAUQ (Prov). Secretary to Council 1975-1995.