Honorary doctorate recipients by year conferred


  • Dr Greg Creed
  • The Honourable Chief Justice Susan Kiefel AC
  • Auntie Mary Martin AM
  • Dr Marisa Vecchio


  • Dr CK (Choong Kong) Chen
  • Dr Wesley Enoch
  • Dr Richard Malouf


  • Professor Rodney Brooks
  • Emeritus Professor Owen Peter Coaldrake AO
  • Madam Xu Lin
  • Professor Michael Schuetz
  • Dr Jeannette Young


  • Dr Rhonda White AO
  • Dr Terence White AO


  • Auntie Mary Graham
  • Dr Rosemary Anne Vilgan
  • Auntie Lilla Watson


  • Dr Daryl Hanly OAM
  • Dr Hugh Nalder


  • Dr Laurie Cowled


  • Emeritus Professor Kenneth John Bowman AM
  • Dr Jiang Haishan
  • Dr John Kotzas
  • Dr Raymond Kenneth Weekes


  • Dr Amitabh Bachchan
  • Dr Melvyn John Bridges
  • Dr Timothy Vincent Fairfax AC
  • Dr Glenn Gordon Poole
  • The Honourable Penelope Wensley AC


  • Dr Rosemary Barrington Bryant AO


  • Professor David Gardiner AM (Deceased)
  • The Honourable Justice Margaret McMurdo AC
  • Dr Douglas Francis McTaggart
  • Dr Kerry O'Brien


  • Dr Wang Bintai
  • Dr Dale Leslie Gilbert PSM
  • Dr Keith Graham Hilless AM
  • Dr Mary Magee OAM (Deceased)
  • Datin Asariah Bt Mior Shaharuddin


  • The Honourable Peter Douglas Beattie AC
  • Professor John Anthony Hay AC (Deceased)
  • Dr John Francis Puttick
  • Dr Lyndon Terracini AM


  • Emeritus Professor Peter Ronald Andrews AO
  • Dr Phillip Bacon AM
  • The Honourable Justice Geoffrey Lance Davies AO
  • Dr Herbert James Elliott AC MBE
  • The Honourable Timothy Fischer AC
  • Professor Vicki Sara AO


  • Dr Cherrell Hirst AO
  • Dr Narayana Murthy
  • Dr Florence Valmai Pidgeon AM


  • Dr Noel Geoffrey Barton AM
  • The Honourable Dame Quentin Alice Louise Bryce AD CVO
  • Dr Samuel Hewlings Chisholm AO (Deceased)
  • Professor Hermann Barry Collin AM
  • Dr David Michael Gray
  • Dr James Oswald Little AO (Deceased)
  • Tan Sri Datuk Dr Lay Swee Ng
  • Dr Penny Estelle Tripcony AM


  • The Honourable Tom Burns AO (Deceased)
  • Dr George Edward Chapman AO
  • Dr Terrence Austin Cutler (Deceased)
  • The Honourable Sir Llewellyn Roy Edwards AC
  • Emeritus Professor Robert Dennis Gibson AO
  • Dr Stephanie Paul
  • Dr John Boyd Reid AO
  • The Honourable Justice John M Robertson
  • The Honourable Tom Farquhar Shepherdson QC (Deceased)
  • Dr John Neil Simpson
  • Professor Fiona Juliet Stanley AC
  • Madam Wu Qidi


  • Emeritus Professor John Bloomfield AM
  • Dr Joseph Elu AO
  • Dr Judith Anne Hancock AM
  • Dr Clem Jones AO (Deceased)
  • Dr Walter Steven Jones
  • Emeritus Professor Robert Lynton Stable AM
  • Professor Leslie Roy Webb AO
  • Dr Huai Yuan Liu


  • Dr Martin Carl Albrecht AC
  • Dr Mariko Bando
  • Professor George Robert Blakley, Jr (Deceased)
  • Dr Brian Francis Johns AO (Deceased)
  • The Honourable Wayne Keith Goss (Deceased)
  • Dr Gerald Anthony Murphy AM
  • Dr Vincent John O'Rourke AM
  • Dr Ivy Bartz Shultz MBE OAM FNM (Deceased)
  • Dr Dale Spender AM
  • Dr Robin Ann Sullivan
  • Dr Steven Monteith Wilson AM


  • Dr Robert Vincent Anderson OAM
  • Dr Ronald Kevin Boyle (Deceased)
  • Dr Colin William Maxwell Dillon AM APM
  • Dr Alan Druery OAM
  • Dr Clyde Gilmour AM (Deceased)
  • Dr Graham Neville Hughes AM
  • Dr James Patrick O'Sullivan AC APM
  • Professor Harvey Alick Whiteford AM
  • Professor Muhammad Yunus


  • Major General The Honourable Peter Maurice Arnison AC CVO
  • Professor Barry Leighton Cole AO
  • The Honourable Sir William Patrick Deane AC KBE
  • Dr Graham John Drummond
  • Dr Frank Charles Haly AO (Deceased)
  • Dr Lionel Norman Ledlie AM (Deceased)
  • Dr Margaret Reynolds
  • Dr Anthony Gerald Gould AM (Deceased)
  • Dr James Gerald Soorley AM
  • Dr Mary Elizabeth White AM (Deceased)
  • Dr Molly Alice Woodward (Deceased)


  • Emeritus Professor Maxwell Howard Brennan AO
  • Dr Leslie John Dwyer
  • Dr Elizabeth Anne Byrne Henderson AM
  • Dr William Francis Robinson AO
  • Dr Jui-yueh Tsai (Deceased)
  • Dr Mandawuy Djarrtjuntjun Yunupingu AC (Deceased)


  • Dr Thomas E Cain AM (Deceased)
  • Father Francis (Frank) Tenison Brennan SJ AO
  • The Honourable Dr John Sydney Dawkins AO
  • Sister Angela Mary Doyle AO RSM
  • Professor Lowitja (Lois) O'Donoghue AC CBE
  • Dr Ronald Desmond Paul AM (Deceased)


  • Dr Ian George Cameron AM
  • Dr Jeffrey John William Siganto AM (Deceased)
  • Dr Lloyd Spencer Zampatti (Deceased)


  • Dr Ruth Cracknell AM (Deceased)
  • Emeritus Professor Ralph Leonard Doherty AO (Deceased)
  • Sister Regis Mary Dunne AO RSM (Deceased)
  • Dr Gerald Edward Fitzgerald AC QC
  • Dr James Joseph Kennedy AO CBE FCA
  • Dr Victor Pullar AO (Deceased)
  • Professor Brian Wilson AO (Deceased)


  • The Honourable Michael John Ahern AO
  • Dr Norman Coldham-Fussell AO (Deceased)
  • Dr Kathleen Mercy Dickinson AM (Deceased)
  • Dr Erik Finger AO
  • Dr Joan Estelle Godfrey OBE (Deceased)
  • The Right Reverend and Honourable Peter John Hollingworth AC OBE
  • Dr Joan Penridge (Deceased)
  • Dr Kevin William Ryan CBE REFD QC (Deceased)


  • Dr William H Blair OAM (Deceased)
  • Dr Peter Botsman AM (Deceased)
  • The Honourable Mary Leneen Forde AC
  • Emeritus Professor Betty Watts OBE (Deceased)


  • Professor Frederick Cossom Hollows AC (Deceased)
  • Dr Carl Russell McConnell OAM (Deceased)
  • Dr Oodgeroo Noonuccal (Kath Walker) (Deceased)


  • The Honourable Sir Walter Campbell AC QC (Deceased)


  • Dr Jack Parkinson OBE (Deceased)