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Online study

Studying at university doesn't mean you need to be on campus. Whether you're looking to study a whole course, or you just want to give your career a boost with some shorter professional development, we may have online options to suit you.

Why study online?

Flexible learning

We understand that studying on campus doesn't suit everyone's lifestyle. Access your course materials and assessment anytime, from anywhere.

A real-world education

Studying online doesn't mean you sacrifice quality. Graduate with the same high quality degree as our on-campus students.

Future-proof yourself

Keep up with a changing world and the contemporary workforce. Evolve with technology and study our up-to-the-minute courses.

Extended support

Questions about study? Get help when you need it. Access student advice and some of our support services seven days a week.

Fully online degrees

Our online courses have the same course content as those we offer on campus, but with the benefit of studying where and when you like. You'll still learn from the best, complete industry-relevant assessment, and focus your studies on real-world problem-solving.

Master of Project Management

Get advanced knowledge and skills to lead and manage large and complex projects in diverse work settings. Learn creative problem solving, effective collaboration, and leadership and management skills to get a competitive edge in your career.

Online Master of Project Management

Master of Health Management

Stand out from the crowd with a combination of skills in leadership, complex problem solving and stakeholder management. Direct your career in the right direction with a specialisation in emergency and disaster management, health law, health policy and planning, or quality and patient safety.

Online Master of Health Management

Graduate Diploma in Business (Financial Planning)

Take the next step in your career and lead the industry as a professional financial planner. Get the skills you need to confidently present comprehensive financial solutions to clients, and be prepared to tackle complex and unpredictable financial decisions.

Online Graduate Diploma in Business (Financial Planning)

Graduate Certificate in Domestic Violence

Learn to apply risk assessment tools in actual cases, and learn more about the impact of domestic violence on victims, carers and the community. Build skills in trauma prevention and care, and gain important insight to support your work in the law, counselling or enforcement.

Online Graduate Certificate in Domestic Violence

Graduate Diploma in Health Management

Health care managers focus on coordinating health services in order to provide better outcomes for patients and local communities. If you are interested in ensuring that health care is accessible and delivered in an efficient and socially responsible manner, then a career in health management may be for you.

Online Graduate Diploma in Health Management

Graduate Certificate in Project Management

A qualification in project management will allow you the flexibility to work in a range of industries, and is also an ideal first step on the path towards a project management career in your preferred industry. You'll graduate with a solid foundation of project management theory as well as skills that translate across industries.

Online Graduate Certificate in Project Management

Graduate Certificate in Digital Communication

Develop new skills in social media, data analytics, artificial intelligence and visualisation, all the while investigating how constantly-evolving technologies disrupt various industries. Learn about what can be done to minimise this disruption and how best to harness the potential of emerging communication technologies.

Online Graduate Certificate in Digital Communication

Graduate Diploma in Digital Communication

Build upon a working knowledge of modern technology and master the emerging digital communication technologies of the future. You'll graduate with a practical skills toolkit that will guide you through periods of technological change and industry disruption.

Online Graduate Diploma in Digital Communication

Master of Digital Communication

If having the flexibility to work across many industries appeals to you, a career in digital communication may be an excellent fit. You will learn new skills that are applicable to various media forms, including social media, data analytics, artificial intelligence and visualisation.

Online Master of Digital Communication

Graduate Certificate in Data and New Technology Law

Be prepared to face the challenges of managing legal risks in an environment of widespread adoption of digital technology. A core area of investigation is the interaction between digital technology and the questions it poses for law, regulation and ethical responsibility.

Online Graduate Certificate in Data and New Technology Law

Graduate Certificate in Education (Career Development and Counselling)

Understand the changing world of work, with up-to-date knowledge of career theory, process and practice. Develop strong relationships with students or clients and help them navigate the increasingly complex and branching pathways that connect education to employment.

Online Graduate Certificate in Education (Career Development and Counselling)

Graduate Certificate in Education (Innovative Learning Design)

Explore the emerging field of digital education theory and practice. Study the core principles of learning and instructional design within a dynamic digital space, and become equipped to prepare innovative instructional material in the form of online coursework, seminars, workshops and tutorials.

Online Graduate Certificate in Education (Innovative Learning Design)

Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management

Develop skills specifically geared towards working within a range of health service contexts, in direct contact with local communities. As a health services management graduate, you will be ready to help improve the coordination of health services and provide leadership to organisations navigating periods of disruptive change.

Online Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management

Graduate Certificate in Emergency and Disaster Management

Examine the underlying drivers of risk, taking into account the risk factors during, and in the aftermath of, an emergency. You will gain practical skills in crisis communication planning and decision-making, and learn to operate in unstable and unpredictable environments with decisiveness.

Online Graduate Certificate in Emergency and Disaster Management

Short courses

Study a short course for professional or personal development. These short courses are offered online.

CT anatomy for radiation therapy

This course, designed for radiation therapists, will teach you to interpret CT images.

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Principles of ophthalmic nursing

This course, designed for ophthalmic nurses, provides contemporary knowledge and skills to treat people with a variety of eye disorders.

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Creating apps in the classroom

Teachers can learn how to tailor apps for students' needs, and how to integrate them into teaching and learning.

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Teaching students who've suffered complex trauma

During this course, teachers will examine how to apply trauma-aware practices at a classroom and whole-school level.

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Trainee solicitor program (TSP) and supplementary training

For trainee solicitors, this course will help you complete the required approved training needed to satisfy the legal practitioner admissions rules.

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Physics bridging course

Successfully completing this course will give you the assumed knowledge in physics for QUT courses and meet the science prerequisite for our Bachelor of Education.

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Open online learning

Open online learning offer free online courses (massive open online courses, or MOOCs). Anyone can study these courses with no cost and no obligation.

Explore interesting new fields like robotics, social media analytics, and big data.

Browse our MOOCs

Partially online courses

Some of our courses have online components, and might even be mostly online. However, you'll still need to come to campus occasionally. We call this 'flexible delivery'.

While you'll be able to access most of your lectures and course materials online, you might have to be on campus for labs and practical learning, intensive study blocks, industry placement or exams.

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